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    The knife has a nice looking ‘puncture’ (ignore armour) alternative attack but i’ve never seen anyone’s Lets Play showing someone equip this weapon (weapon swapping doesn’t seem to be popular at all so far), and in the combat demo i’ve never chosen to use it, even though I make sure always to give them to people if they don’t already have a back-up weapons.

    Problem seems to be the 4AP cost to swap weapons makes it pointless to swap to it, as you might just land a hit with that billhook next turn…maybe.

    Therefore, why not then give the knfe a second special ability, which allows you to equip it for less (or no) AP? This would be akin to simply dropping your heavier weapon to grapple your opponent if that’ll give you an advantage. Perhaps couple this with a reduction in the AP for actually using the knife to reflect its ease of use and to allow many stabs!

    It might also be cool if it were to give you some kind of temporary ‘executioner’ or ‘opportunist’ bonus whereby if your opponent is not just overwhelmed, but totally swamped, then you might get a substantial to-hit bonus, to simulate you just dodging in while he’s facing off against someone else, allowing you to give him a nasty cut causing ‘bleeding’ that’ll quickly weaken him. If he were weakened this ‘opportunistic’ cut might be too the throat or, worse:

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    I think knives mostly exists so poorly trained militia have something peasant like to wield. But I guess if you get desperate enough every weapon will help :P

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    There is perk Fast Hands in utility tree.
    It remove AP cost from weapon swap. Problem is that after using weapon you can no swap it(I think).
    There are also Executioner perk in offensive tree that increase dmg to body as HP drop beneath 50%.
    Actually to use Dagger effectively you need fairly experienced hero.
    The best I find is to use him with other one armed with club.
    The first guy stun. Then guy with dagger come.
    Perks Executioner, Fast Adaptation(increase chance hit after miss), Push the Advantage(increase chance for crit and hit against stunned targets) also high melee skill.
    Lightly armed(so high max fatigue) but with shield(additional defence).
    Then you can puncture enemy to death and get fresh new armour.

    The universal armour stealer.

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    If that thing with weapons and shields in the bags also giving -max fatique would be implemented light weapons like daggers would be good secondary weapons for weak fighters with low fatique.

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    (thanks for the Lets Play BTW)

    Just seems there should be more of a use for such a ubiquitous weapon.


    I think you’re right about needing to have the right skills to use it, but perhaps some recruits should come with one skill, linked to their background. That way, your cheap ‘escaped murder’ would come with sack cloth and a knife, poor stats but otherwise be good-to-go right out of the box (in at least one situation, otherwise he’s just an orc speed hump).


    Yes, as i’d like to see the game playable as a lightly armed group of footmen as much as a heavy group of men-at-arms (that are afraid of riding).

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    I think the knife and the dagger should also have their AP cost reduced to 3. It’s a light, fast weapon, you likely would get 3 strikes in with it in the time it takes to swing a sword twice.

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    I absolutely have to test that dagger-build in my next playthrough. Seems like a really neat way to obtain armor and helmets :)
    On top of that I think it makes a lot of sense to give those small weapons 3 attacks. We’ll have to calculate a bit on the damage numbers and see if we agree to make some adjustments.

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    Avatar photoBinkus

    can you use the knife in the offhand?

    with additional skills it could then be a parrying dagger style as a skill idea

    also we enemies who have received multiple attacks and then vulnerable, you could then go in for the kill with a puncture from the offhand dagger

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