Topic: Why should bag&belt remove penalty?

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    Actually I am writing this post not to oppose this alteration, but it has problem within such occasion.

    I have made several bug report about the extra recovery of fatigue every turn by using quick hand to drop weapon/shield onto the ground and pick it to drop the next turn. That’s to say, if you held a orc metal shield and drop it onto the ground then you will gain 15+20 faigue recovery for this turn without ap cost, do a indomitable or a non-mastery spear wall. And if you want to recover another 35 fatigue next turn you could pick the shield using 4AP to desert it next turn .

    Isnot it a really really DEVASTATING bug to BB, I am pretty frustrated devs donot fix this problem after such a long time, the same with other mergent issues. I konw they were on a vacation, BUT, it’s a big BUT, why should they remove the penalty in inventory when pick bag&belt perk?
    What will happen then? Yes, you used to need to drop item on the ground, that’s to say you should stay in the same position. But now? You can perform like a moving stronghold! I guess readers smart like you have already known how to do it !

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