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    Goblin Wolfriders using Footwork in situations where they shouldn’t, for example:

    – 18:00:50 – Engaging in melee with Hanke Bloody Farmer (polearm Longaxe), and immediately Footwork out – in 1 turn.
    – 18:03:22 – Standing in melee, Footwork out, Engage again this same enemy, attack twice – in 1 turn.

    – 17:59:05 – Engaging in melee with Harald unresting, Footwork out, Engage him again – in 1 turn.
    – 18:01:10 – Engaging in melee with Harald unresting, Attack him, Footwork out, Engage him again – in 1 turn.

    This battle was on steep cliffs and uneven ground, wolfriders starting on higher ground, so it became an uphill struggle for Brothers. Footwork usually took woolfriders on higher ground than they were before, so it probably interfered with decisionmaking.
    After Reloading the location was generated with alot more even ground – we fought on plateau and such behavior didn’t take place this time.

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    Yeah, that’s already been fixed for the next update. But thanks nontheless!

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    This might be the same or a similar issue, so pardon me if it’s taken care of…

    I just had this Bandit marksman move down from this elevated tile, back up this elevated tile, and back down this elevated tile again.

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