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    May you pls take a look at world scaling procedure?

    The issue is that game updates roaming parties/camps difficulty/contract spawned parties after the restart/loading up the save, and, presumably, fails to take into account proper difficulty rating during continuous plau. That makes games that last for a long period of time without loading considerably easier, due to weaker enemies.

    For example, if you run a game for the first 20 days on expert combat setting, you’ll continue to see frequent groups of thugs in roaming parties/contracts/camps

    The moment you load up the save, thugs dissapear almost entirely, and you start to get groups with marksmen & raiders with better gear.

    We can always force-update the base for calculation, but I’d rather see a gradual introduction of harder enemies, rather than power spike after the loading up the save/force refresh.

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    There was a bug with updating the player strength for scaling purposes. It’s been fixed. Thanks for reporting.

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