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    So, I just took some heavy wounds after an unlucky fight.
    I went to the next temple and treated the most severe ones.

    On the worldmap, if I hover over the medicinal supplies icon it tells me healing will take between 3 and 6 days.
    However all wounds individually heal in 4 days at most:

    Cut Leg Muscles (treated, 1-2 days)
    Pierced Arm Muscles (treated, 1-2 days)
    Pierced Leg Muscles (treated, 1-2 days)
    Pierced Side (untreated, 2-4 days)
    Injured Shoulder (untreated, 2-4 days)
    Light Wounds (all 1-3 days at most)

    Number of medicinal supplies is calculated correctly (7-14)

    Attached screenshot and savegame but I doubt you will need it.

    It just became dawn and I entered another town. Wounds apparently progressed on their healing and the tooltip updated (second screenshot).
    It is now updated and calculates the day correctly.


    Fixed. Thanks for reporting.

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