Topic: "You can't make out who you'll be facing …" – but you just told us!

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    In the old BB, you could always see the number and type of enemy you’d be facing when attacking a camp (thanks to your unseen scout). Now you cannot always see this info, and a piece of text appears telling you to attack at your peril and be prepared to retreat etc. However, this piece of text often follows immediately on from another piece of text that reveals to you the nature (albeit not the number) of your enemy (e.g. graverobbers in mid-dig, or some hungry ghouls). This “warning” text is also displayed when you are chased and attacked, but in these cases you’ve often already been able to see the number and type of enemy approaching you (and, more often than not, have considered the loot and have decided to let them “catch” you, or may even have started to actively pursue them in case they turn from your course) …

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