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    Since we’ve yet to add more range-oriented enemies with the goblins, who could pose a serious problem for a build that specialized, we’ll probably leave Nimble alone for now. The Swordmaster, like most backgrounds, will also receive some fitting events on the worldmap, which in his case could mean that age catches up with him.

    That’s probably best. I’ll post again once I fight Goblins. Like I said, the build is really specialized, and in order for it to deal with ranged units there has to be someone else to do that or it needs to run up into their faces ASAP. (Which it can because it ignores melee attacks.)
    I’m also wondering what the chances of a Spear-wielding opponent with high attack are of hitting this sort of build. I don’t know the exact math behind to-hit calculations, and I haven’t seen many high level opponents wielding spears…
    Also, I just checked to see what sort of armor this guy can tote. Wielding his favored weapon (a Noble Sword), he can wear basic mail with 84 fatigue. I can put him in some decently heavy armor (lamellar harness) and he’ll have 77 fatigue. Not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing, but this is with his helmet being -7 fatigue.

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    I’m waiting until I have more hours on the game and have seen a few more updates before I write a review myself, but I do have rough plans drawn out for how I’ll be writing a review for the game already. And yeah, it’s a positive one.

    This game definitely deserves positive praise. I saw another Early Access game and thought “this is gonna be a bust isn’t it?” and found myself pleasantly surprised. VERY good stuff for such a young game, and you folks are updating frequently.

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    Now about that misclick on level up. I agree there could be a function to be able to reverse last pick, but it would have to save the result temporarely so you can not abuse this to reroll high stats.

    I think the best way to do it is to have it so you choose your stats but don’t see numbers immediately, and then you click a “confirm” button which then does an animation that reveals your actual rolls for each stat. The nerd in me says “dice roll animation,” but I don’t think that really works for this game’s style.

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    Perhaps there is somthing to consider nerfing a bit. I still did not have time to test this out.


    This is really more a problem with the Swordmaster than the perk. The Swordmaster is a veiled gem; you look at it and think “Well, he loses -10 fatigue, HP and initiative, so it’s balanced,” and the guy IS expensive. Normally, that’s true, but the Swordmaster has HUGE synergy with the Nimble perk.

    Look at it this way: +20 inherent melee defense = +40 melee defense total with Nimble. Other characters get +5 melee defense – and there might be 1 or 2 that get +10? But for the most part they get +5, which equates to +10 total melee defense.

    Essentially, rather than having 128 melee defense under the best of circumstances, most would have 98. That’s still really high, but… yeah.

    Also, this sort of build takes time to feel how strong it is. If you start using an einhander build at level 5, you’ll find that you’re still very susceptible to high attack characters and you’re still scared of things like orc warriors, so you can’t just solo the game or anything. It’s not until level 11 that you start to REALLY feel how powerful it is, and you need Dodge and Confident to really get the character to feel like a powerhouse… and even then, there will ALWAYS be at LEAST a 5% chance to hit the character.

    Archers are still a bane to this character. Notice that I didn’t grab Battle Forged, and that the character still only has 86 fatigue when wearing padded leather. This is the inherent weakness of the Swordmaster; I put a lot of points into Fatique and still wound up wishing I had more. If I put heavier armor on (say, the better mail shirt), I could see his fatique drop into the 70’s. Acceptable, but not ideal.

    So, the character is very specialized. Graceful Gisbert tanks melee opponents and sort of dashes away from the group to do so. Other characters have to eliminate the archers or else HE has to engage the archers in melee range so as not to die. He’s very effective at what he does, but I think the inclusion of more dangerous ranged opponents and MAYBE a nerfing of the Swordmaster – a slight one – would be sufficient. The perk itself is fine.

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    Really, really want to bring up Nimble again:

    Weaponmaster background. Level 11 character. Put puts into melee defense AT EVERY LEVEL.

    Result? 90 melee defense; character can wade into battle with the toughest orcs, put up Riposte, and just not give a damn. The only thing that bothers the guy is archers.

    This guy I have is basically the best tank on my team, and he’s wearing very light armor – so light, in fact, that I felt taking “Battle Forged” would be a waste.

    In the following screenshot, you’ll notice that his melee defense is EVEN HIGHER thanks to having Dodge and being Confident, both of which he starts the battle with thanks to perks. This gives him an effective 128 melee defense.

    Nimble belongs on Tier 2. It’s good for niche builds with the Weapon Master, Adventurous Noble and Sellsword.

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    The Lucky Laggards had an interesting start. A gravedigger, a bastard, and a disowned noble walked out of a bar roaring drunk and figured that being mercenaries was probably a Hell of a lot of fun. They didn’t take their job seriously, which is probably why half of the four new hires they picked up in town died on their first mission.

    Only two of the original members are still around. The poor noble found himself on the wrong end of an orcish spear. The others have since made it a habit of killing orcs whenever possible, but within three months they’ve become a pretty strong, famous band that’s burnt orc camp after orc camp and hunted down enough brigands to actually improve the quality of life within the city of Albadst.

    The Laggards used to be a mottley bunch, but they’ve gotten more and more war-trained members as time has gone on. As of now, their numbers include the gravedigger and bastard (the noble never made it), a former raider, a tailor, a juggler, a gambler, a killer on the run, two legendary swordsmen, a retired war veteran, an experienced sellsword, and a wildman that likes hefting a giant orcish axe like it’s a plaything. Several men have died in the employ of the Lucky Laggards (those were the “Luckless” Laggards), and a few have retired peacefully (including a miner whose trouble breathing was keeping him from being useful in prolonged fights).

    The company has yet to meet werewolves, but vampires terrify their poor archers.

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