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  • in reply to: Undead #13504

    You are right. I will try to test the game mechanics much more before creating any topic next time :)

    I probably thought that all undead have morale if ghouls have it.
    And skeletons are great as well. I probably saw arrows effect on the armor and I thought that skeletons are not immune. But they are.

    Devs did great job with the game, thanks for it!

    in reply to: Kill Counts #13472

    I would like to see statistics of my team members. How many enemies they killed, how many of each type. How many damage they dealed etc.
    I also agree with pets leveling.

    Interesting would be also some table like in X-COM. Lost team members, how many battles they fought on my side, when they died. How many kills. What level they had. Some basic table with the most important stats.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)