Dev Blog #106: Legendary Locations


Dev Blog #106: Legendary Locations

We’ve covered the ‘beast’ part of the upcoming ‘Beasts & Exploration’ DLC quite a bit already, but we’ve only touched upon the ‘exploration’ part here and there. Let’s take a look this week at a major feature that’s going to make exploration in the world of Battle Brothers more interesting and worthwhile: legendary locations.

Legendary Locations

Legendary locations are supposed to capture the flair of unique and mythical places in the unknown parts of the world. It’s giant overgrown statues and hidden temples. Remnants of a different age. Places that people think only exist in myth, until they see them with their own eyes. Places that give insight into what happened in the world of Battle Brothers before your campaign.

There’s two places already in the game which we consider to fall into this category: The Black Monolith and the Goblin City, both offering a very challenging battle and a legendary item as reward. We’re going to add an illustrated introduction to both of them, as well as a powerful named opponent to one of them. But more than that, we’re adding a whole bunch of new locations, many of them more complex, scattered all across a world map that is about to become 25% larger in order to have sufficient room for exploration and hunting all of those new beasts.

Instead of just two legendary locations, you’ll be able to find about a dozen now in every campaign. Upon first approaching any such place, an event will be triggered. These events vary in complexity, and some will lead to epic battles, like with the Black Monolith, while others give opportunity for peaceful exploration, interaction and perhaps even puzzle solving. A couple of these legendary locations are intended as challenges only for very experienced mercenary companies and guarded by powerful creatures or armies, but most can be mastered at earlier stages of a campaign. As a general rule, the more distant a location from civilized lands, the more challenging it will be. All of them will offer a unique reward for the daring explorer that can’t be obtained in any other way, and which is suitably powerful for existing only once in every campaign.

With exploration becoming more rewarding, we’re also adding several new ambitions that focus on exploration, uncovering legendary locations and besting a legendary beast we have yet to reveal. And if you’re looking to get paid for all this exploration business, you might be interested to learn that there’s also a new exploration-themed contract coming together with a bunch more for a total of 10 new types of contracts in the ‘Beasts & Exploration’ DLC.

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    Sep 28, 2018 @ 13:57 pm

    Awesome! I could never even attempt try the Black Monolith on Veteran, so a few legendary locations for early or mid game are perfect – especially when there is a little lore in it as well.

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    Sep 28, 2018 @ 14:10 pm

    Unique locations for the midle game with combining with new opponents is great news.

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    Sep 28, 2018 @ 14:11 pm

    May we have even bigger world? 15% does not seem much, just a bit more room to place new locations it seems.

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      Sep 28, 2018 @ 15:49 pm

      It’s 25%.

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      Oct 1, 2018 @ 0:03 am

      I always had size of the world on my short wish list!

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    Sep 28, 2018 @ 14:29 pm

    So this statue art will be part of the battlemap if understood you correctly? This is really good news.
    Is there hope for more special props for the more mundane locations like old graveyards to get some related tileblockers like gravestones in that case?

    • Avatar photo
      Sep 28, 2018 @ 15:49 pm

      The statue is a worldmap location. Battlefield props are outside the scope of this DLC.

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    Sep 28, 2018 @ 15:56 pm

    Great job Overhype! Any plans to work on late game balance and all those death stacks that vastly outnumber the players 12 man party limit?

    • Avatar photo
      Oct 12, 2018 @ 13:31 pm

      There a multiple ways to deal with the Geists. For example dogs, 2 x Bannerbros, Undead trinket, Dedicated Geist hunter builds.

      @devs, please do not lend too much credence to the people complaining about late game balance. If you pay attention to what the game throws at you, and the cues the visuals and mechanics give you, it is manageable, even on expert difficulty.

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    Sep 28, 2018 @ 18:11 pm

    Seems really interesting. I think that it adds a deeper and mythic layer to the world.
    keep it up !
    Every time you post something, I can’t wait for the DLC release.

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    Sep 28, 2018 @ 23:25 pm

    You have done a great movement dessigning legendary locations for early-medium stages.

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