Dev Blog #70: Progress Update – Customizing Appearances, Nighttime Vista


Dev Blog #70: Progress Update – Customizing Appearances, Nighttime Vista

Work continues on balancing, bugfixing and adding more content to the game for the update on February 29th. We’re also adding some more minor features, one of which we’ll take a closer look at today: the ability to customize the appearance of your Battle Brothers.

The Barber

The barber offers his services in a building you’ll be able to find at the larger cities around the world. Whether you’re looking for someone to cut hair, trim beards or sell you dubious potions to lose weight, the barber has you covered for a modest fee.


With the barber we’re adding the ability to customize the appearance of any characters in your roster to your liking. Getting to know your Battle Brothers and bonding with them as they accomplish heroic feats or flee like cowards is part of the fun, and now you’re able to grow that axe guy who saved everyone a suitably majestic beard, or shave clean the head of the coward who runs at every battle. Some players have expressed that they’d like to mold characters to their likeness, or to that of characters from their favorite book or movie, and that’s possible now as well. And like all buildings in the game, the barber, too, helps settlements feel more distinct in the services that they offer.


Nighttime Vista

As the sun sets and the moon rises, as your men drag through the snow in the dark, settlements are now visible as beacons of civilization from afar, for they light torch and candle.

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    Feb 5, 2016 @ 18:23 pm

    Nice, I’ll admit to a bit of savescumming when starting out a new game to get my starter guys to look like I want them to.

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    Feb 5, 2016 @ 23:25 pm

    A potion to lose weight – Thou are jesting, aren’t thou? That belly be the only pantry those goblinfolk ain’t raiding from me!

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    Feb 6, 2016 @ 1:09 am

    Very nice, what about taverns? Battle Brothers should be able to get drunk and improve their resolve and make worse accuracy :D

  • Avatar photo
    Andrew Sorry for my bad english Kleiner
    Feb 6, 2016 @ 2:53 am

    It’s cool, I like the idea of changing hairstyles, but the possibility to change face looks quite strange. Ability to completely change the appearance making the appearance less valuable.

    • Avatar photo
      Feb 6, 2016 @ 16:58 pm

      Just make a rule for yourself when you play that you won’t change anything but the hair :)

  • Avatar photo
    Feb 6, 2016 @ 8:59 am

    For me it is great news. The fact that i very much appreciate the individualization of my mercenaries. And if before I picked myself mercenaries in appearance, it can finally pick on skills :). Just kidding. But the prospects of playing at the “iron man” – the option to “growing” my soldiers scandinavian beards – simply irreplaceable.

  • Avatar photo
    Feb 6, 2016 @ 17:22 pm

    Nice as the barber is, I’m enthralled by the ambiance of the settlements at night. Nice job!

  • Avatar photo
    Feb 7, 2016 @ 20:35 pm

    The only thing missing is chimney smoke.

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