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    Goblins are what you would call the most annoying enemy to fight. These goblins have by far much better equipment than you and use the most idiotic tactics. First off the net is a 100% chance to entangle you and that’s game over for that guy. The number of nets is completely scumbaggy, more than half your company is going to be netted and the chances are you won’t break out until they got a good chunk of attacks on you. Now I know you can get nets but they are gone after that one use and they are basically impossible to find. The goblins don’t need to worry about that because all they need is one net because they aren’t running a whole company.

    Debuff the goblins by reducing the number of skirmishers have nets. This can be done easily, most troops are never in standard equipment so maybe a few have nets, a sword, and shield but not all of this and more. Sure there are tactics around this but the chances are you’re going to be netted charging the enemy so that’s fun.

    Basically, this whole suggestion is to stop having the goblins be the scumbags of this game. It ain’t fun to fight them, not fun to loose half your men cause nets and the scumbagness of the goblins.


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    Agreed, goblins are the most annoying thing in this game (and have been for a while), to a point where i simply avoid them completely.

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    there was big hot topic about goblins and tictics to bit them/ some of ideas was real good
    and- more important- it works!

    Super Awesome Ninja Goblin Fun Time!

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    That was a great topic but it seems no one mentioned nets. I personally believe that the archers are scummy but the nets and archers? I mean once half your team is netted you’re done. The other half is going to be engaged in melee already probably damaged while archers just snipe your netted guys but I hope the developers atleast balance nets, archers, and goblins.


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    I agree that goblins have too many little “gotcha” attacks, in addition to being fast, accurate, very hard to hit and cunning. If you think nets are bad, have you seen the shaman’s entanglement spell? It’s basically up to 4 nets at once (provided your guys are close enough to each other) and he casts it at will.

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    There are several good tactics that work agains goblins, even when they got a shaman or two. But the best one is as already mentioned attacking at night. That alone pretty much evens the field even without doing complicated manouvers.

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    Yes, in the previous version, when I face gobs, I drop all ranged weapons, equip all my guys with shield and go in at night.

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