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    Sorry, but I’m having trouble understanding what you’re saying. If I’m correct, you want to see more varied art assets for the weapons? Like different weapon-handles and such? Something like that might get in, since it’s much less work than making a new weapon and they could re-use some assets left over from the weapon quality plan.

    It’s like with the tower shield and the skeletal one. Same thing different skin. That is a fine touch.

    I would be happy to see more variety of/and unique weapons rather than a flood of slightly different ones that you mostly won’t even use. I just can’t see the reason to put in 10 types of pikes in when they all will be the same.

    Do not forget that even now with this much weapon variety there are instances in mid late game when your inventory is full of “junk”. Ofc they are simply obsolete weapons that you no longer use, but it will be a constant problem if the game would be filled with filler weapons. Like M&B, 90% of the time your inventory is just a big pile of… Why would you want it here?

    Avatar photoManaSeed

    I decided to suggest more delicate weapons for female brothers, which is yet to come.


    Titan’s Sword (giant sword) > A weapon designed to fight dragons, when all other weapons have failed. Not to be mixed with greatsword (a.k.a claymore or bastard sword). Consider this weapon a variation to greatsword. It deals more dmg than greatsword, and use the same skill set without overhead strike and split shield.

    Dragon’s Bane (Split) ==> costs 8AP to use, has -55% chance to hit, can hit up to 3 targets in a straight line
    Ender of Forest (Swing) ==> costs 8AP to use, has -75% chance to hit, can hit up to 8 targets (using the same arc)

    (Well, enemy can easily predict the movement of this long and heavy blade.)

    -1 AP at start of each round, as you become less agile by carrying the big toy.

    The weapon is not primarily controlled by strength of arms. It involves precise coordination between arms, waist and legs. As well as perfect timing in shifting center of mass, while utilizing almost every muscle in body.

    What. You still think it is impossible? Why are you so sexist?


    The user is expected to wear very minimal or no armor to offset its massive fatigue penalty. Are you happy now? Can we agree it’s a weapon for female brothers?

    Yes I know have gazillion types of swords in BB. I suggest this weapon despite I realize it doesn’t add much value to weapon list as it doesn’t involve new elements, because giant swords are too cool.

    Greek Fire > roman style slingshot that fires incendiary grenade flask with highly flammable liquid. Has range of 4 tiles. Target being hit will suffer burn status for 2 rounds. Flask will break on ground if it misses the target, and burning liquid will spread to 7 adjacent tiles. The flame lingers on ground for 2 rounds, and any units who end turn by standing on those burning tiles will take damage. It can burn bush (where units can be hid within) to ashes.

    Chakram > Can be thrown in straight line up to 3 tiles for full damage, and will boomerang its way back to you if it misses the target. It will drop on ground which is right in front of unit being hit within range. You can pick it up manually or wait for it to be retrieved automatically upon victory.


    Whip > particularly weak against armor and but strong against unprotected body. It greatly reduces enemy morale when enemy’s unprotected body is hit. Afterall, it has the power to bend the will of a lion.
    If you accidentally hit an ally, he will be restored to full health, provided he has the trait “Masochist”. Making this the most unique weapon for female brothers.


    Gauntlet > One can’t really claimed they have laid their hands on enemies until they have equipped this.

    Jaw Breaker (Attack 1) ==> deal slightly higher dmg than bare fist. Has +15% chance to hit head, and has 35% chance to stun enemy when target’s head is hit.

    Takedown (Attack 2) ==> deal dmg while ignore enemy armor by using joint lock technique and CQC (close quarter combat). What do you mean it’s not possible to do this in an armed fight? You can do it when enemy is wavering or breaking. The knight from Gotham city does it every time after he has frightened the enemy. When executed successfully, it also disarms enemy’s armament (the weapon drops to ground).
    Can also be performed when you’re hidden in bush and enemy walks near the bush. If Snake can do it, you can do it too. It has higher success rate if your unspent fatigue is higher than enemy’s (as it’s less likely for a tired person to break off a fresh person’s grapple).

    I suggest this weapon because bare fist is too weak, to the extend which surprises me.

    On an irrelevant note, would it be the deadliest move in BB if we equip this and use Eye Poke on enemy?


    Glass Sword > A transparent sword made of highly reinforced glass. Enemy has hard time to dodge its attack as its movement and weapon reach can’t be determined with eyes. Has +15% chance to hit but has fairly low durability. Consider this a variation of Noble Sword. Yes I said I realize we already have gazillion swords but I just wanna keep this as custom weapon (custom noble sword) for my female brother who is the leader of my group.

    “There are many like it, but this one is mine.”

    Yes, I suggest us to have custom weapons, which serves as variant to existing weapon. We can have glaive or voulge, which is a variant to another weapon, everything is same except it has different art and slightly different tradeoff in stats. So you can choose a beautiful variant which has the best tradeoff to suit your playstyle. Now we can have eye candy and our “personal” weapon.

    I also wish to order equipments in city for triple price. I don’t want to wait like 30 days to get a specific equipment. This might be more useful when we have a wide variety of equipments.

    Please slap me next time I suggest a sword related weapon, again. On second thought, forget what I’ve just said. I don’t want to die with a swollen face. I think I’m a little obsessed with blades, probably as much as OP likes polearms.

    So as I pray….

    unlimited blade works.

    Avatar photoSky

    Special weaponmade gauntlets are more a fantasy element than a medieval weapon of choise as far as I know. Still it would be a unique variety type, be it spiked or as in assasin creed bladed ones. There is a brawler background, and this background is unusable at the moment.

    Chakrams and whips. While the first is an exotic weapon type used by hmm Xena? the latter was more used in gladiator fights than actual combat. It needs much free space and limited usability. But again they might work.

    The swords you mentioned seem to be more like a legendary fantasy types.

    My main concern is that the female characters should have lowered upkeep. There is no equality now, and was even less then. (Joke)

    Avatar photoGOD

    Not trying to dog-pile on you here, but I don’t think I can agree with most of those getting put in. Blades are pretty cool though, so I can see why you’d want to see more. :)

    -Giant swords didn’t exist. Maybe have something like that as some sort of crazy legendary weapon, but not as a regular one.
    -Greek fire isn’t something you could readily get your hands on and very much a Byzantine thing.
    -Chakram is an Indian weapon, so it wouldn’t fit in a Germanic setting.
    -I’ve never heard of whips being as used as weapons. They’re very useful for torture and self-flagellation, but not meant for combat.
    -The gauntlet would either require a reworking of the slot system (so that you have a slot for your arms) or for your armour to affect the damage of the damage your fists do, as some armour had padding so that it could be used like a brass knuckle. The latter is probably the most feasible, though it would still be a fallback weapon when you’re left with nothing else. That’s also why the brawler gets a 100% damage boost to unarmed damage, as it’s not meant as your primary attack.
    -Glass swords never existed. Obsidian was used in the distant past because of how sharp it is, but it’s so brittle and hard to get that you wouldn’t see it used on the battlefield.

    A custom order would pretty much amount to smithing getting put in. They thought about doing that, but I’m not sure if it’s still planned in some shape or form.

    Avatar photoSky

    The problem with the obsidian shards was that while it was extremely sharp, it chiped away at a fast speed. Obsidian blunt weapons were the more common ones. Not anywhere near the medieval times anyway.

    While in the dark ages there were spiked gauntlets just as other armor pieces they were never made to be a weapon by themselves. Just an additional damage inflicting surface. All of them were individual modifications and it was never wide spread. In the game a gauntlet could be a weapon by itself. A 2h weapon since it would take up both hands. Same type could be a claw or a bladed one. It is questionable to fit in or even be useful, but again it only depends on how far the devs gonna go with it. With a will you can make even a gauntlet an unique type weapon.

    Avatar photoAsterix_von_TWC

    @GOD – yes – as much as I can get, medieval weaponry was essentially that, very diversely shaped wood and steel. Since weapons are central a bit of immersion would be great…. especially the Holy Roman Empire had an extreme diversity of pole arms and swords throughout the middle ages.

    ALSO – whips would have very rarely creeped into Germany as a weapon… they were however mastered and commonly used by the Cossacks in the Eastern Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth realm from at least the Dark Ages. In fact they were used a primary weapon of raiders to great effect, and against armored Russian Boyars or Mongol lancers to pull them off a horse and kill them before they recovered from the stun. There are accounts of skilled whip users pulling off armor and helmets off of knights with their whips (the Mongols and Tatars used them too, they were called “lariats” more accurately), and they used them against Hungarian and Polish knights to great effect, and not only in mounted combat.

    – as a person who has been involved in core teams in some monumental mods (RTR, NTWIII; The Last Days for M&B etc.) I can tell you that all modders do is pick up the loose pieces, and we enjoy it, BUT there is nothing like a dev really looking after the pleasant “cozy” details themselves… that makes for “best” results.

    Avatar photoGOD

    Blunt obsidian? Do you mean the Aztec weapons? Those were sort of blunt but still had obsidian embedded in them. Obsidian is actually interesting because it was and still is the sharpest tool around. It also loses its edge really quickly though, so you’d need an active volcano nearby if you want to use it a lot.

    Having the gauntlets as two-handed weapons would just look weird. A fast-fight is a last resort, not your main weapon.


    You wouldn’t find them all in one place at the same time, though. That’s the point where it can get kind of ridiculous. Though again, I don’t really mind as long as they all serve a function, as that is what makes the diversity meaningful. Without it, they’re essentially nothing but different art assets with slightly different mechanics that you’ll never see because you’ll never use them. I’d rather see them have an actual use, so that you can see why there were so many different weapon variants in those periods.

    Never heard of that. Mind sharing a source? I’ve heard of the lariat being used in the sense of it being a lasso, but not as a whip. Can’t say that I know that much about Eastern European warfare though, so it could be that I simply wasn’t aware of it. If they did get used like that, they’d make for a neat expansion weapon for an Eastern European faction if it matches the time period.

    Avatar photoManaSeed

    well if orcs exist in Europe too, the world of BB must be some sort of alternative world or parallel world. I think maybe it’s good idea if weapons from different cultures exist in it too (if they are not standing out like crazy or make the existing armor looks weird). Because different things have happened in different world. Similarly, if undead can exist too, I think we won’t be crossing the line if we have slightly magical/fantasy weapon.
    Also, fighting fantasy creature with real weapon by analyzing the possible result according to real history. That dilemma………

    Just me though, I can accept 50% fun and 50% realism in BB’s settings.

    Avatar photoGOD

    The setting is low-magic medieval Germany, with a matching culture and weapons (including some more general European stuff). We might see other cultures eventually, but they’d require a lot of work to be implemented properly, so they’re being saved as ideas for potential expansions. They’d also have to be connected to Germany in some way, like a Norse or Arabic faction.
    The more magical stuff is limited to the legendary weapons of which we have yet to see how far they’ll take it.

    Avatar photoManaSeed

    Regarding the term “fantasy”, rather than having more magical/legendary weapons, I mean the real weapon physics don’t have to be applied very strictly or correctly (this is a game, not to mention it involves fantasy creature), since we opt not to apply real science. This is an easy way to have more variety in weapons. We have hundreds of medieval melee weapons, but if we’re going to group them according to weapon physic and actual combat results……

    In our game, the flail is said to have ability to bypass shield’s defense. In my opinion(never used a flail before), it is correct to some extent but it should actually works more like breaking the shield. But we already have several weapon skills which can break a shield, so we assign different functions to flail. That kind of logic. Half real, half fun.

    Long story short. Impractical but cool weapons. Should we have them? (by using our fantasy to adjust their ability appropriately. well, we can have better chance to justify them in this fantasy world, right?)

    Avatar photoGOD

    That’s where the low-magic part kicks in. For the most part, weapons are meant to behave as they do in real-life. Sure, they leave out some abilities that the weapon should have for the sake of gameplay (like how the pike should have spearwall, but doesn’t), but they never add abilities that the weapon should not have, nor put in stuff as a regular weapon that never saw any use. There’s Orc weapons, but they still reflect what you’d expect to get in real-life, as in being poorly made and not suitable for human usage variants of existing weapons. Actual fantasy weapons don’t have abilities that they should realistically have, because they never existed, and they’re therefore not included as part of the player’s arsenal. The stranger and more magical is reserved for legendary weapons, so we might see more fantastic items among those.

    Avatar photoManaSeed

    That actually make more(a lot of) sense and draws a clear line between real weapons and unreal weapons. Also a good move for handling background and settings.

    A whip sword is cool but it usually has far less cutting power than a sword and far less reach than a whip (you also never/rarely see people using it in reality). But whip sword is not a magic weapon, as it is possible be achieved with insane weapon engineering and insane amount of practice. It’s just impractical and unreal in most situations.

    However, if we allow the flaws of impractical weapons to be fixed by just a small amount of magic, we can think of it as a working model which has been successfully developed with high technology in reality. Let’s call these workable impractical weapons as Enchanted Weapons.

    I wish to separate these enchanted weapons from legendary weapons, which has totally amazing powers such as healing and reviving. It’s nice if enchanted weapon is more or less on a par with real weapon (just like how protagonists using impractical weapon in games and movies, like a boss), so we can easily use all sorts of impractical/enchanted weapon together with real weapon. While legendary weapon(absolutely unbelievable weapons) is a league higher than both enchanted and normal weapon.

    Avatar photoGOD

    That’s still a high-magic trope that would conflict with the setting as outlined. Regular access to magic weapons results in a setting that’s not low-magic, as magic essentially becomes common and readily available. This is in contrast with this game, where magic items will be rare and hard to get so you’ll only find a couple per playthrough and not reliably be able to get the items that you want. It’s not just a matter of power, but scarcity. Trying to shift the focus to them being an engineering feat also doesn’t work, as that undermines the established technological level and causes contradictions. There’s settings that make it work, but they’re not low-magic and they don’t try to match real cultures.

    Avatar photoManaSeed

    Well I guess you’re right again about the low-magic setting. It doesn’t feel right if we have enchanted weapon being as common as normal weapons. If a weapon can be enchanted, why not all weapons? Then everything will be a mess. It doesn’t suit the atmosphere of the game without changing a lot of settings.

    So…. any magic/impractical weapon is rare. And we already have small, large, short range, long range, armor breaking, flesh slashing melee weapons and ranged weapons. In addition, we can’t have weapons from different cultures. Doesn’t that mean we have almost exhausted every weapon choice to be added in our arsenal? No more new weapons?

    Avatar photoGOD

    Oh, don’t worry, there’s still tons of them. ;) Sling, quarterstaff, francisca, great flail, goedendag or improvised weapons (like the scythe you mentioned, or the sickle) to name a few. Then there’s also variants that are similar but with different uses to them, like different swords, daggers, shortswords, pole-arms, axes, hammers, bows, etc. Historical weapons can get quite weird, so it shouldn’t be problem to find stuff that would break the mould.
    For the legendary weapons I could also see weapons from earlier time-periods being an option, which allows for even more weapons to draw inspiration from.

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