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    I’m interested in all the weapon names you mentioned.

    Still, every weapon more or less follows real weapons but they have to serve slightly/rather different function…… I can imagine the fear of BB’s current weapon designer is facing.

    “What if most of my designed weapons just became fillers?”

    “Could I really design tons of weapons where most of them are not perfect substitute to another?”

    “While other realistic medieval games have failed in this matter….. why it has to be me? I just wanna design female brothers… damn!”

    Well, almost everything I wanted to know about new weapon was answered. I shall sit back and look forward to my new shiny weapons.

    On an irrelevant note, hey gaiz it’s quite a while since the last patch, right? No I’m not excited at all. (❁´◡`❁)

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    Plenty of room for diverse mechanics! You’ve also got weapons like caltrops that don’t fit into any of the categories, though they’d be tricky to implement properly. Weapons like the goedendag (pretty much a club + spear) and the Hungarian shield (shield you can stab with, though it might be too recent for the time period) might also look similar to more ‘regular’ weapons, but have different uses and tactical applications. Or the man catcher, though sadly that would again probably be too recent for the period.

    I wouldn’t get my hopes up too much, yet. ;) They’re probably still handling quitting their jobs and all that entails. The pace should pick up again once that’s all been taken care off.

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    @GOD – yes – as much as I can get, medieval weaponry was essentially that, very diversely shaped wood and steel. Since weapons are central a bit of immersion would be great…. especially the Holy Roman Empire had an extreme diversity of pole arms and swords throughout the middle ages.

    ALSO – whips would have very rarely creeped into Germany as a weapon… they were however mastered and commonly used by the Cossacks in the Eastern Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth realm from at least the Dark Ages. In fact they were used a primary weapon of raiders to great effect, and against armored Russian Boyars or Mongol lancers to pull them off a horse and kill them before they recovered from the stun. There are accounts of skilled whip users pulling off armor and helmets off of knights with their whips (the Mongols and Tatars used them too, they were called “lariats” more accurately), and they used them against Hungarian and Polish knights to great effect, and not only in mounted combat.

    @jaegerdude – as a person who has been involved in core teams in some monumental mods (RTR, NTWIII; The Last Days for M&B etc.) I can tell you that all modders do is pick up the loose pieces, and we enjoy it, BUT there is nothing like a dev really looking after the pleasant “cozy” details themselves… that makes for “best” results.

    You lads are enjoying each other’s company so much you ignored my post :D

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    Blunt obsidian? Do you mean the Aztec weapons? Those were sort of blunt but still had obsidian embedded in them. Obsidian is actually interesting because it was and still is the sharpest tool around. It also loses its edge really quickly though, so you’d need an active volcano nearby if you want to use it a lot.

    Having the gauntlets as two-handed weapons would just look weird. A fast-fight is a last resort, not your main weapon.


    You wouldn’t find them all in one place at the same time, though. That’s the point where it can get kind of ridiculous. Though again, I don’t really mind as long as they all serve a function, as that is what makes the diversity meaningful. Without it, they’re essentially nothing but different art assets with slightly different mechanics that you’ll never see because you’ll never use them. I’d rather see them have an actual use, so that you can see why there were so many different weapon variants in those periods.

    Never heard of that. Mind sharing a source? I’ve heard of the lariat being used in the sense of it being a lasso, but not as a whip. Can’t say that I know that much about Eastern European warfare though, so it could be that I simply wasn’t aware of it. If they did get used like that, they’d make for a neat expansion weapon for an Eastern European faction if it matches the time period.

    Nope, I just don’t use BBCode so you probably overlooked it. ;)

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    Thought I’d mention it since you brought up extra large swords, but while while the humongous weapons found in fantasy did not exist, particularly large swords were occasionally made, such as this sword. That sword was supposedly wielded by the Frisian freedom fighter Pier Gerlofs, better known as Grutte Pier. The word is approximately 2.15 meter long and weighs around 6.6 kilograms. They were still very rare though.

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    Well, if you look to find an example of how the legendary items will work, the full supporter pack has a legendary helmet. I’m sure someone can post a picture of it with the description. It has a lore text, and the actual effect. The most strenght of this helm comes from the high durability for no fatigue cost. The special effect is to see in the dark. And ofc the unique look. I belive the other legendary items will be in the similar direction, with better stats and a low-fi effect.

    Yes, was refering to aztec obsidian sharded weaponry.

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    I still hold my original suggestions – the time scale and map could have a more realistic feel to them, and here is no harm in diversifying at least the look of pikes :D

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