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    Hi Paul,

    I have been playing blazing deserts since the release and having a blast. I saw an entry on battle brothers wiki about preserved mead but never actually saw it in game? Can you tell us how to craft it or have any idea what type of settlements might have it?

    Avatar photovarhagen

    Hi Paul! I apologize in advance for my English

    the New DLS is just amazing! You did a great job. Please tell us, are you planning the next DLS?

    I have a suggestion about this. Moders added a bunch of monsters and new opponents to the game. But there are things they can’t do. Add dwarves and/or elves to the game. Of course, they will not be “typical” dwarves and elves from the Lord of the rings.

    Make them according to the low fantasy world. Show your own vision. It will be very interesting. Just think about what story and game horizons this will open up…

    From the point of view of the plot and situations, we get complex characters who seem to be not evil, but they no longer have a place in this world.

    From the point of view of the game, it is possible to make a new type of challenge. For example, a combination of elves and dwarves. the dwarves were holding a wall of spears. and the elves would stand behind and shoot a hail of arrows from powerful long-range bows using the skill of adoption to mow down all living things. or something like that. maybe it will be a pair of weapons for Berserkers / blade dancers(two axes, two swords).

    Thanks for your attention! how do you like the idea?)

    Avatar photoPsenBattle

    Hey Varhagen,
    thanks for the kind words!
    I can’t reveal yet what we are working on. It might still take some time before we announce anything, so I have to ask for your patience at the moment.

    Regarding other humanoid factions like Elves and Dwarves I have to say that they still don’t really fit the Battle Brothers universe – at least in my opinion.
    One of the basic premises for the whole game is that the player only controls regular humans without any magic or other special feats. With these simple means he has to stand up against supernatural, powerful forces of all kinds. This contrast is very important for the feel of the game and I think if the player controls anything else than simple humans it would soften up this basic premise.

    I hope you can see my point.



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    Avatar photojuanval

    Breaking news: Overhype studios is working on something that will be revealed in the future ;)

    A new DLC? BB2? a new game? Time will tell.

    Good luck with the development.

    Avatar photoclarkmark

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    Avatar photojuanval

    Happy new year to master Psen and others. I wish you success in your next projects. Hope to see more activity here soon :)

    Avatar photovendelhelm

    Hello Paul!

    I’m a huge fan of your work and most notably your art style, with it and the amazing writing this game has become my favorite of all time.

    It has gone so far as to inspire me to try to emulate it for unofficial modding of the game. Although it started as a few helmets it has turned into quite the addiction as you can see
    attempts at emulating Paul's genius

    At first it was quite difficult to even approach the same appearence as your own art for Battle Brothers, and being that all I’ve worked on so far are weapons and armour I don’t even have a clue how difficult it would be to try to draw people, flesh and hair.
    With time though I’ve learned alot about how to paint metal surfaces as well as wood, it’s been incredible to learn so much.

    However I’m not here to brag too much. In fact I’m noticing that my latest attempts have regressed in the domain of making plate helmets with large flat plates.
    My latest attempts don't look so good anymore.
    As you can see in this image, these helmets are my latest attempts and they just feel out of place (They’re way out of period for what the setting of Battle Brothers) with the grey metal, it almost seems too pale compared to your helmets in game.

    This is where I’d like to ask you if I could borrow an image from you.
    If you’d rather not I understand completely, but could you post an image of a great-helm or a closed flat-top helm in it’s original size? I’ve stalked your page for all the great art assets you already post for us all, and they’ve helped tremendously. But at they’re size I just can’t make out the fine details that get compressed for the game later on.
    Even with this image I’ll not reach the same skill as you of course, but I feel it would let me understand enough to really do justice to this game with my art assets if they actually look like they belong visually (where they would absolutely not lore-wise).

    Anyway, if you end up reading all of this thank you, hope you and the rest of the team at Overhype continue your success whether it be in Battle Brothers or any project you choose to pursue.

    Avatar photoPsenBattle

    Hey Vendelhelm,
    your art is pretty good already. I especially like the full plate armor on the first picture. I’ll post a picture of a random assortment of helmets without background in original size for you.
    As you might notice the original size is pretty small already. The final assets for the game are resized and refined versions of these helmets.
    When scaling the helmet down I always use a few filters to make them pop out a little more:
    If you are working with Photoshop i suggest a small black “inner glow” to serve as an outline. On top of that try increasing the brightness, sharpness and contrast a little.
    Sometimes it’s a good idea to enhance shiny metal with an “overlay” layer. Feel free to include a little color (blue or brown) in the overlay layer.

    I hope this helps, you’re painting some pretty cool stuff already!

    Helmets no background

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    Avatar photoCenturion XXI

    I’m a huge fan

    Excuse me! I posted below examples of my fan work, modifications for Battle Brothers, which require graphic assets (I can not draw at all!). Dear Vendelhelm, I ask You about cooperation in further development. THANKS!

    Прощу прощения! Я разместил ниже примеры своих работ, модификаций для боевых братьев, которым требуются графические активы (а я совсем не умею рисовать!). Многоуважаемый Vendelhelm, прошу о сотрудничестве в дальнейшей разработке. СПАСИБО!

    Avatar photoCenturion XXI

    Hello, Vendelhelm! You are just great fan artist and Your modifications are awesome!!! Excuse me for request: can I ask You to help? I do modifications for battle brothers (for example, barbarian mod on steam’s mods & modding subforum) and I have a idea. I try to make modification for helm’s upgrade. See, please, the picture and squares with labels “no art from Paul”! I need the images for variants of helm with leather (as padded dented helm)… Please, HELP!!! Sorry for my english, but I am russian… THANKS to You and, sure, Paul!

    Привет, Vendelhelm! Вы просто замечательный художник, ваши модификации действительно великолепны!!! Извините меня за просьбу: Вы сможете помочь мне? Я делаю модификации для боевых братьев (как пример, варварский мод с подфорума модификаций steam) и у меня есть одна идея. Я давно пытаюсь сделать модификацию для улучшения шлемов. Посмотрите, пожалуйста, приложенную картинку, обратите внимание на квадраты с пометкой “нет графики от Пола”… ПОМОГИТЕ, пожалуйста! Извиняюсь за английский, но я русский… Спасибо Вам и конечно же Полю!

    Avatar photoCenturion XXI

    Не могу отредактировать текст 8( Вот ссылка на генератор персонажей для боевых братьев. Там также будет нужна Ваша помощь со щитами и накидками! СПАСИБО ВСЕМ ещё раз!!!

    I can not edit the text 8( Here is the link to my character generator for battle brothers game. Because also Your help with shields and tabards will be needed there! And again THANKS ALL!!!

    Avatar photovendelhelm

    Thank you Centurion, for your compliments to my fan work.
    At the moment I’m already occupied with other projects, so I will have to refuse your request for my cooperation with your mods.
    I do appreciate your offer though thank you.

    Avatar photoCenturion XXI

    Thank You for answer! If You find some free time, then let me know! In the end, only three helmets (padded dented: kettle hat, flat top & closed flat top helmets) 8) I wish You success in working on projects!!!

    Спасибо Вам за ответ! Если Вы отыщете немного свободного времени, то дайте мне знать! В конце концов, всего три шлема (см. выше) 8) Успехов Вам в работе над проектами!!!

    Avatar photovendelhelm

    Thank you Paul, I’ve been looking over the helmets you posted and it’s great to see the details more clearly.

    I remember seeing back in the early stage of development, you had posted a really large image of the sword ghostbane you made.

    For weapons do you still work at this scale? Or I wonder, in the start of development did you make your art assets at this size and decided later to make them smaller? Maybe for weapons you work at a larger scale and helmets have always been at the size that you posted in your reply to me. It really picks my curiosity as I have no clue of the work-style of professional artists, such as yourself.

    Avatar photoPsenBattle

    Hi Vendelhelm,
    to be honest, Ghost Bane is the only weapon I ever painted in that size. I just wanted to try something new and had a bit of spare time on my hands.
    The rest of the weapons have been painted in this format:


    Painting in this size is -in my oppionion- sufficient for the small final icons in the game. Scaling down large images can even result in a lower overall quality. All the downscaled details can make the final icon “noisy” and hard to read.


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