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    Yeah, I do agree that you would want to know the talents of a potential recruit before paying especially when hiring a hedge knight/gladiator/sell-sword. I guess what I was thinking was that the recruit might not know his potential or talents himself (unless he is already an experienced fighter). Anyway, I understand why the talents are not visible. Personally, while I do find it annoying at times, it’s also a part of the charm of the game.

    The talents might be slightly overrated though, a star is basically worth 5 points in any given skill within a career of 10 levels, no?

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    Hello fellow gamer.

    I agree with some part of the suggestions but not all. I think a great part that makes the game fun and challenging is how the game treats the player: It won’t hold your hands and tell you everything. The game presumes you are doing your job as a manager of group of mercenaries, for instance it wants you to take the time to know your geography: Harbor so-and-so is on the south on the peninsula near the mountains. The game gives you the name of the port and the visual design of it. You can for instance clearly understand by the name of the southern town and the architecture of it that it is in the south. It is perfect visual representation of the required information: Not too much, but just enough. If you do not where that port is, then it is you who has not taken in account your bearings and the geography of the world you live in and work in. You are the manager of the company after all and should take responsibility, I think such details makes you take minor details into account and try to make you do really do your part as a manager. It brings another depth to the level of the game which would be diminished by showing the surroundings of the port town. If anything could be added, it could be the cardinal and ordinal directions of the compass rose in their shortened forms. N, E, S, W and NE, SE, SW, NW respectively.

    I like the idea of traveling time with the ship though, it would bring a realistic touch to sailing. However, the problem is that the portion of the world which is shown in-game is quite small. It does not take too many days to travel from one end to the other. If you travel by road it will cost you time and time is money: You have to pay the wages and feed your crew. Sailing itself costs money, by adding a time frame to it, it would mean increasing the cost of the sea voyage indirectly. And being a seaman myself, I just have to mention that the option of different speeds to the same location just feels wrong. They are using sailing vessels, the speed is dependent on the skill of the navigator and the seamen and the winds, not on the amount of money you pay for your passage. While instant traveling might feel unrealistic I think it makes sense within the game terms and its inner logic.

    In the taxidermist section, it could give you the description of the item you get by hovering over the to-be crafted item (I thought it actually already did this but having an ongoing iron man game I won’t check it at the moment).

    On the hiring in non iron man games, I understand your point. However, just because you *can* save and reload to get the “perfect” candidate for your company, does not mean you *have to*. I don’t think all information should be shown by clicking the try out button. You have the option to save and reload, if you want, to avoid getting bad candidates. However, I think a huge part of the game is that you have to work with what you got. It *is* hard to find good men. I would even suggest that the game could go further in the other direction: It could reveal the talents first after a level up instead of directly after hiring. I realize that would make it difficult to implement on candidates who have more than one level at the point of hiring but it would add an interesting depth and a moment of surprise.

    As for the layout of the roster of men, I think it works as it is by having them under and not on the side (here a sense of direction is all that is needed), but having them in the hexagonal pattern instead of top of another would definitely be an improvement and reflect a battle plan more properly.


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    Hey, new to the forum. Have played the game for 285 hours according to steam. One of the best tactical games I’ve ever played. Kind of like a low fantasy old school x-com game without the base building. I love the incredible attention to detail, like the weapons getting bloodied after a strike, the damage to the armor and helmets and the characters. There’s so much good about the game that I like to be honest. You know you have a really great game when you are caring enough to notice small things you would like to improve on (like I wanted to have a food and water system in the first Fallout for instance). Here’s a few suggestions that would make this 5/5 game to a 5+ game:

    1) Citadels/Fortresses should work as sanctuaries for the party. Currently it kind of works, if there’s a stationed militia nearby but I have had moments where I am chased by unholds or other enemies into town and attacked. A city wall should prevent that in my opinion.

    2) Beast Slayer origin could be slightly modified. The expert tracker trait should enable the party to determine what kind of beast has made the tracks and how many beasts there are. Similarly to the Lookout retinue follower but only for beasts (not humans, greenskins and undead). I mean it comes with the territory, if you are an expert you should know.

    3) Lookout follower should also be able to determine who’s guarding a garrison for extra utility.

    4) The Scout follower could help to give a territorial advantage when it comes to battle on forest, swamp and hill/mountain areas. I have started too many battles where I am on low ground and the enemy archers get easy shots. Or I am ambushed in the forest even if I know where the enemy is and I am hunting them.

    5) Some additional backgrounds:
    Seaman/Sailor/Pirate. I know there’s the fisherman but considering there are boats maybe some rough and salty sailors want to join your motley crew of mercenaries in the port towns.
    Falconer. Comes with a falcon and maybe have additional uses for the bird.

    6) Some backgrounds could give passive benefits to the party, for instance:
    Hunter/Poacher (and why not above mentioned falconer) could provide a minor amount of food every day. At least when traveling in forest areas. I don’t mean through events, but as a constant minor bonus. Monks could increase the healing rate of injured parties.

    That’s all I can think of now. Thanks for a great game.

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