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    Good day. (Google Translator) In my opinion, the Battle Forged perk in the early and mid game cannot compete with the Nimble perk due to its linearity in gaining advantage. In current realities, the player practically does not face the question of which of these two perks to take, since the Nimble immediately gives a lot of advantages, while under the BF it is necessary to raise a worthy fighter who could put on heavy armor and at the same time fight, so also this perk really unfolds far in the late game. I propose to make the absorption of BF more curvilinear, in the same way as you did with Anticipation: give this perk an initial 8% damage absorption, independent of armor, and in addition to it, add 4% percent to the absorption from the sum of the current armor and helmet. This will allow us to compete with the Trickster perk, because with 100/100 armor, instead of 10% absorption, we get 16%, which is a lot, while with 400/400 armor we have the same 40%.

    Avatar photoxterminal86

    BTW, have you guys though about adding some unique skills to certain backgrounds? For example, said nomads like to spam sand in your face during battles, so why when you recruit a guy with nomad background you can’t do the same? Kinda unfair.

    Avatar photoTOXAsh

    One of the main problem of Two-handed flails – is too much damage spread, espesially for top tier ones.
    I suggest increasing the minimum damage of the best two-handed flail to 50-55. Then it will be more stable and usable. I also propose to change the rather strange and random mechanics of the stun at the two-handed flail to 100% Daze when hitting the head, it will be more stable and will work even for those who are immune to stun.

    "Death is a part of mercenaries job."

    Avatar photoTOXAsh

    After a number of battles using up to 7 cannons in a squad and battles against the southern armies, I got some thoughts.
    The cannons are too powerful, especially in large numbers, even without special perks such as overvhelm or fearsome. I suggest removing the distant side hexes in the AoE attack so that the shot is at a maximum of 4 targets, not 6, in the current version the spread looks rather strange and strong. Or remove all side hexes in the AoE attack, but increase the AoE range by 1 hex.
    In the Holy War, the northern factions are not at all adapted to the war against the southern ones, because they have light-medium armor, they do not always have helmets and quite little health, while a character with a halo is only a sergeant. At the same time, the southern armies are just ideal for destroying such opponents, and they themselves are more difficult to kill, since they have not much worse armor than the northerners, they always have at least something on their heads and the extremely powerful Nimble perk. The southerners have a very large number of weapons that work well against a large number of people, while the northerners have the most similar thing only the Zweikhanders, who die pretty quickly. It is also extremely strange that the AI ​​loves to shoot unbreakable Mortars.
    I also propose to slightly increase the armor damage of Mortars, but also slightly reduce the health damage. In the current state, Mortars simply distribute debuffs against heavy opponents, and destroy characters with the Nimble perk, which the rest of the Southerners’ weapons can easily break through. It is also not very logical that mortars always hit the same place, if there are several of them.

    "Death is a part of mercenaries job."

    Avatar photovarow

    Please add 1 more drop of sweat for indebted whipped for 2 rounds. One large drop and second smaller or something like that to avoid checking it every time in the inventory. Or at least add indication of duration in the pop-up window near the “Whipped” status when pointing a cursor at brothers.
    Would be good also to add iron collars with chains to every indebded on the battlefield to distinguish them straight away.

    Avatar photovarhagen

    I apologize in advance for my English

    the New DLS is just amazing! You did a great job. Please tell us, are you planning the next DLS?

    I have a suggestion about this. Moders added a bunch of monsters and new opponents to the game. But there are things they can’t do. Add dwarves and/or elves to the game. Of course, they will not be “typical” dwarves and elves from the Lord of the rings.

    Make them according to the low fantasy world. Show your own vision. It will be very interesting. Just think about what story and game horizons this will open up…

    From the point of view of the plot and situations, we get complex characters who seem to be not evil, but they no longer have a place in this world.

    From the point of view of the game, it is possible to make a new type of challenge. For example, a combination of elves and dwarves. the dwarves were holding a wall of spears. and the elves would stand behind and shoot a hail of arrows from powerful long-range bows using the skill of adoption to mow down all living things. or something like that. maybe it will be a pair of weapons for Berserkers / blade dancers(two axes, two swords).

    Thanks for your attention! how do you like the idea?)

    Avatar photoCurtographer

    I never really post on forums but I wanted to suggest I think it’d be really interesting if there was an added end game crisis involving Davkul, and if you’re the cultists you’ll actually support the crisis, and any other playthrough would be to stop the cultists and any possible horrors that could come.
    Love the game

    Avatar photoMoraleBooster

    -Retirement is just plain unfinished

    -Karma system is unfinished

    -Still feels like the interaction with the world around you feels dead. Helping out a settlement etc. should grow that settlement significantly, slowly improving that settlement (especially for villages that have NOTHING going for them, and eventually having resources to build a tavern for example would be neat because of how much your merc company benefitted the economy)

    -No medium armor build

    -Game is too dependent on save scumming

    -Needs more events

    -Needs faster combat speed

    -Alot of the problems rely on mods to have the game bandaided

    -People getting epilepsy/eye strain from the faster mod and the camera STILL focusing on enemy AI movement, making the camera bouncing around. Has been mentioned alot of times but devs just ignore this.

    -Individual character progression, some sort of prestige benefit -The entire ‘level capping’ system needs to be overhauled. Any character should be somewhat viable, albeit they need a shitton more time to improve in a skill. People just spam tryout mod to find a good unit with correct stars.

    -adding to the above suggestion; Characters automatically improve stats when they vigorously have to use that stat in battle, just like in Skyrim, but this goes slower the higher the stat becomes and faster the lower a stat is. Just came out of a battle where you swinged your sword alot and came out of it alive? +1 melee att. Succesfully dodged and parried alot of orc hits and still survive? +1 mdef. Lonewolf came out a goblin camp like a hedgehog but dodged 100 arrows? +1 Rdef. Frontliner received multiple injuries and barely survived? +1hp. etc. etc.

    -Developers are doing this thing called; ‘Artificial difficulty’ making the game more difficult, but the changes not being for the better of the game or fixing the core issues of the game as to why there are only so few builds viable, and nerfing anything the playerbase finds to be efficient. This is NOT good at all.

    Avatar photovarow

    Can’t agree more with ‘Artificial difficulty’. It’s the main thorn in the games’s side.

    I told it already once, I think some backgrounds need their core perks pretaken. For example:

    HedgeKnight – Battle Forged
    Swordmaster – Nimble

    Their cost is hight and It helps to use such recruits on frontline immediately in their natural roles instead of long time piking from behind.

    Or maybe just to give them an exceptional opportunity to take these hightier perks despite lower levels.

    There are plenty of other highskill backgrounds such as sellswords which are free to build.

    Avatar photovarow

    Suggestion to add more diverse parties on the world map. Cultists, wandering nobels, woodcutters in the forest. Some if being attacked may make settlements hostile, some are just dangerous or may interract with your mercenaries and join the band.

    For example, meeting lost woodcutters that have being attacked by schrats or direwolfs in the forest. They are running away and can trigger a quest or just a situation with a reward.

    Vagrant cultits on the road can reach a settlement and change the settlement situation or meet your band and draw your dumb or superstitious brothers in their sect. You can try to fight back in a dangerous battle or just go your way without merceneries.

    Maybe you could just create new similar quests for contracts.

    Avatar photoIndependentFM

    Hi delevopers, thanks for amazing game, gameplay is awesome, cant take my hands off playing the game! First of all, sorry for my English, not a native language, so trying to not use Google Translate. I have one little pruposal – can you add one or two more throwing nets on southern cities markets? Some randomly generated maps dont have water (I mean harbours), so its pretty difficult to buy nets – south market has one net by city and that’s not enough at all.
    Maybe its better to add another type of net, for example “hunting net”, which can be bought on settlements around woods.
    Also I have another idea. Before game starts, player can generate map. For example, make less settlements (I dont like max 22, tbh), more harbours, increase/decrease north/south parts, etc. Maybe add some options like increase/decrease amounts of orcs/goblins/thugs raids, so players can make their own “adventure”.
    Dont know, is it possible (and have you such plans) to bring second idea to life, but I beg you, think about nets. Amount of nets are not enough :)
    Thanks for all you doing. Good luck, guys, you doing a great job.

    Avatar photoAnonymous

    I think it would be nice to be able to get boats so you can travel to the big islands that often are created with the map generator that otherwise have no access, you could also do boat battles or something, but even if no battles it would be nice to be able to travel by boat.

    Avatar photodibdibdib

    Loving the game.

    Would it be possible to introduce a lock camera function for combat? I know it doesn’t seem like the camera bounces much but for people who have sensitive balance systems the toing and froing of the camera can be quite nausea inducing. I have also played with the current settings but there is still a fair amount of jerking left to right.

    Avatar photoKoburn

    Hey, new to the forum. Have played the game for 285 hours according to steam. One of the best tactical games I’ve ever played. Kind of like a low fantasy old school x-com game without the base building. I love the incredible attention to detail, like the weapons getting bloodied after a strike, the damage to the armor and helmets and the characters. There’s so much good about the game that I like to be honest. You know you have a really great game when you are caring enough to notice small things you would like to improve on (like I wanted to have a food and water system in the first Fallout for instance). Here’s a few suggestions that would make this 5/5 game to a 5+ game:

    1) Citadels/Fortresses should work as sanctuaries for the party. Currently it kind of works, if there’s a stationed militia nearby but I have had moments where I am chased by unholds or other enemies into town and attacked. A city wall should prevent that in my opinion.

    2) Beast Slayer origin could be slightly modified. The expert tracker trait should enable the party to determine what kind of beast has made the tracks and how many beasts there are. Similarly to the Lookout retinue follower but only for beasts (not humans, greenskins and undead). I mean it comes with the territory, if you are an expert you should know.

    3) Lookout follower should also be able to determine who’s guarding a garrison for extra utility.

    4) The Scout follower could help to give a territorial advantage when it comes to battle on forest, swamp and hill/mountain areas. I have started too many battles where I am on low ground and the enemy archers get easy shots. Or I am ambushed in the forest even if I know where the enemy is and I am hunting them.

    5) Some additional backgrounds:
    Seaman/Sailor/Pirate. I know there’s the fisherman but considering there are boats maybe some rough and salty sailors want to join your motley crew of mercenaries in the port towns.
    Falconer. Comes with a falcon and maybe have additional uses for the bird.

    6) Some backgrounds could give passive benefits to the party, for instance:
    Hunter/Poacher (and why not above mentioned falconer) could provide a minor amount of food every day. At least when traveling in forest areas. I don’t mean through events, but as a constant minor bonus. Monks could increase the healing rate of injured parties.

    That’s all I can think of now. Thanks for a great game.

    Avatar photophhe13

    After 500+ hours of gameplay, this game is in my top 5 after 30+ years as a gamer, i hope to see more DLC´s or just something

    This game is perfect for:

    CO-OP with a “Home area” like you se in “Warhammer Vermintide”

    2-6 ppl CO-OP Dungeon Crawler game mode.

    1-3 vs 1-3 CO-OP Arena fights

    2-12 ppl CO-OP Boss fights

    2-12 ppl CO-OP Noble Houses like a semi “guild mode” known from ohter games

    The list could go on like this

    Could be made possible with a “Kick starter” playerbase i already establish

    End of day this game is made for PVP/CO-OP

    Could also work for andriod/Ios with sale of “skins” to finance.

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