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    This occurs to me whenever I zoom in/out or pan the camera on ally NPC turn.

    The AI won’t take its turn for even 30+ mins.

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    Ah. I just went through that thread, but it fails to present an useful counterargument, and a whole list of positions propping up my own.

    “Encourages min-maxing”

    Guess what. People who are going to min-max are going to do so regardless.

    “blah blah blah Dark Souls” [paraphrased]

    Are you joking? Dark Souls is one of the finest games made so far.

    Optional Character Generation didn’t ruin JA2- it made it an even better experience. Although, JA2 didn’t let you start with advanced gear on your new dude.

    “99% of people are going to start with triple 10th level Tauren Chieftain Badasses. Wahh” [paraphrased]

    First of all, I’ve convinced a buddy to try out the demo, and he wants to role play the most outrageous things. Like a bunch of fishermen whose boats broke and they are now somehow mercenaries. Or a bunch of drunk graverobbers [lol] who hit gold and decided to become mercenaries. So no, definitely not 99% of people.

    Secondly, you institute a point-buy system, so someone has enough points to buy 5 crippled beggars or etc et al.

    “Control of the game play experience”

    What, are you going to ban modders too? I believe the developers stated they would like the game to become a classic, and if it ever hits, say, Mount & Blade levels of popularity, I guarantee you that one of the top mods will be a Custom Character Generation Mod (if at all possible).

    Its better to do it right the first time.

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    Basically ou are right of course. Every player should be able to play a single player game the way he enjoys most. The tricky part comes into play when we have to drop other features just to implement this one. We always have to prioritize very sharply to not overburden ourselves and lose focus of what we are really trying to achieve with the game.


    This is understandable. Overall, I can agree that importation is of a lower priority than most of the suggested features.

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    Have you ever had a guy with heavy weapons, ~90 Melee Skill, Battle Flow, Beserk and Perfect Focus?

    I’ve had a guy with a greataxe singlehandedly mow down 9 Orcs. In one turn.

    Have your tank Rotate your carry in. Perfect focus. Swing. With Battle Flow, kills reduce your fatigue. Beserk triggers, now you can Move without ending your turn. Do so. Swing. Kills reduce fatigue. Move. Swing.


    With all due respect, this is a single player game. Players play the game how they want to, at the difficulty they want to. I suppose you could add a warning “May break the game!” to some options.

    in reply to: Defense Skill Tree Discussion #2742
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    Personally, Return the Favor should be a passive, with reduced % stun probability. I like how the Utility and Offensive tree gives you an option between an Active and a Passive, both of which are fairly strong and viable choices.

    I mean, my non-nimble thief tanks are going into melee, and either shieldwall/spearwall or attack or bash. No extra AP to Return Favor on that turn.

    Fortified mind is rather useful vs Living Souls, that’s about it.

    Battle forged is somewhat strong vs Archers popping off Quick Shots, but a few hits from a crossbow and your armor is still going to drop real quick. Plus, it doesn’t stop you from getting WTFBBQ’d by someone with a Greataxe, at all.

    Rotation is insanely strong for keeping your frontline charged up.

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