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    Avatar photothorismund

    sry if that sounded offensive.
    didnt mean to be seriously rude.
    but nevertheless maybe a little stabby in a humorus kinda way.
    i guess i forgot the “;)”
    honestly, i already knew that they would have women in this, i didnt seriously believe that they wouldnt when i wrote this.
    but still, you know, women being a “feature” that has to be implemented says something. so
    my point was something else, let me try…

    in the end for most of us older age fantasy rpg players its that reoccuring reminder that comes with the “;)” that actually
    the fantasy setting we enjoy IS in fact a little politicaly incorrect BUT thats exactly what we subconciously like about it.
    its a romantic phantasy of the white man. everything in this fantasy, including women, play roles of an exception to the rules.

    for me its guilty pleasure

    and actually, first creating men (sounds familiar somehow) and implementing women very late in the developement process is a message in itself.
    but for me actually its secretly not a bad message, for me it says: oh great its going to be one of those oldscool feel games, from before the pleasure became guilty…

    similar thing with homosexuality: 20 years ago giving a slap on the ass of your football team mate was something completely different then today.
    even though the “man gang” feeling changed and maybe the slap on the ass of your teammate in fact got some new intonations to it, if you overcome homophobia you can still do it and its still very enjoyable (the “no homo” term pays tribute to that change btw.)
    and this game actually has that feel and its great.

    idk but in my opinion that IS something you can be stabby about, but i take this stab with a smile and i think the devs can do that too.
    i think its amazing when game creators are selfconcious and confident about their customer profile.

    i hope i made myself clearer now.


    in reply to: Creation of the map #14051
    Avatar photothorismund

    you know the alps kinda suck too sometimes and a lot of armies did complain that Britain is an island or venice was on water but still: that didnt change just because someone complained in a forum about it… ;)

    i hope you get that its no offence, its just to get a point across: switzerland, britain and venice flourished because of those features

    its a taste thing really, for me those maps add character and make it more immersive.
    maybe they could make a slider, maybe call it “the bland slider” for that even spacing

    what i actually kinda agree on and that would be hard to achieve (its in the infinetly hard category, they use supercomputers and thousands of scientists for that kind of stuff) but at the same time very awesome:
    make the map generate with geological sense and
    make the towns placement make even more economical,historical,sociological sense.
    the game already does that a bit with the rawmaterial buildings, wich is incredible btw…


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    Avatar photothorismund

    I also think there should be horses in this.
    Also for the Merchs.

    You know, make it expensive, make them die, gief orc charge, gief lances, gief more mapspeed (reduce on foot speed/make it depend on carried weight/gief wagon btw) thatstuff.

    Avatar photothorismund

    i feel in most games its not so important to make it impossible to cheat but to not make you want to use it.
    in the end most of us are adults and dont need someone else to hold our hand.

    and finaly there is always the ultimate “cheat”:

    create a .txt file and copy/paste this in:
    ~~~~~~~~~You Win!~~~~~~~~~~

    in reply to: Suggestion №… #14048
    Avatar photothorismund

    Actualy and you said it yourself it would be a problem of balance and controlling the feel and flow of the game for the designers.
    I mean yeah if i look at your icon and you mention the double axe having more to hit and less fatigue cost i kinda get the feeling you want your favourite charackter to steamroll enemies in easymode (no offense). The thing i, actually amongst many other things, like about this game so much is that such a charackter cannot be made.
    Heavy wepons feel heavy, they have steep drawbacks but are viable in specific situations but remain a gamble and thats what makes the strategy mechanics of this game so awesome. (And you kinda love the heavy wepons guy, not because he is Heman but he is a !specialist professional! <- thats the feel u get, a bloody merch, a human but still his job, his profession is: bring the big hurt down when and where its needed)

    The other thing is and i really longed for this in a lot of fantasy rpgs and i really loved that e.g. in the dark eye series (and the map traveling, wich is still to this day one of the best rpg traveling things and wich you kinda reimplemented in this game) : There are not so many tiers of weapons fabricated of some more powerful mineral or with flames on it and a magical +X stat. for me the worst of the worse are those japanese rpg weapons, i have such a strong phobia against it that could need psychiatrist treatment srsly.
    First of all Steel is steel, maybe there is good steel and maybe there are better and worse smiths. Having to shuffle weapons every half gamehour makes me distrust every weapon i get. When i buy a weapon in this game, i can trust it to what it should: Hurt with the pointy end.
    The great thing in this game is and thats how it is in this world aswell: The shape of the steel gives meaningful mechanics. (Guild Wars II felt a little too overthetop for me in this regard)
    Its a bit like in the real wold: There are professional lumber axes; at some point they all do the same thing: make you fell a tree. You can put gold ornate on it but that wont make it take less chops to fell a tree.

    But again, as far as i understand it, this game already has special rare weapons but i like that they are bloody rare (not in the steak sense… well maybe that too).

    agree on the armour tabart colour emblem stuff.

    in reply to: Weapons that NEED to be in this game. #14047
    Avatar photothorismund

    Yeah poison and firearrows would be a nice addition for that arrow variety.
    But in this setting i kinda would assume that firearrows wouldnt behave like they normally do in highfantasy.
    Meaning they maybe should do much less damage and be less acurate but do morale damage and ofc (because that has to be in ever fantasy game) do
    more damage against trolls…

    Poison could even be extendet to meele weapons and/but that kinda leads into thinking about everything related thieve-class mechanics. Wich is maybe something for an expansion because it could entail a lot of new gameplay features (Sneak, Steal, Ambush etc.) and maybe a different start option (Battlebrothers or Thievebrothers)

    Also another thing but that depends on another feature i will suggest in another thread: Lances for Horseback combat

    in reply to: Weapons that NEED to be in this game. #13992
    Avatar photothorismund

    Yeah please no Claws and no Firepowder!!! (maybe scythe for poor farmer that didnt have time to pick up a wooden stick, but cmon ppl a scythe is not a weapon, its for cutting grass. next suggestion a spoon or what?)
    It would totaly destroy the feeling of the setting.

    Agree on:

    More Ranged variety: Slings, Longbows, Komposite Bows maybe even add different ammunition/with quivers, maybe just quality varietys that cost more ammo to replenish

    Quarterstaff, Poleaxe, 2H Hammer, Bastardsword

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