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I for one don’t specialize my team into doing one thing. But my individual battle brothers are specialized and specific brothers take point against specific enemies.

this is a good tactics and troop composition thread, taught me a few things

[suggestion] Clearly unbalanced enemies

Raiders – Use my ranged brothers to kill their high damage troops. Crossbowmen, 2-Handers, warhammers
Goblins – Tactics I outlined. Also, high ranged defense brothers stand in the front and others stand behind them to increase their pitiful ranged defense substantially.
Orcs – Ranged brothers take out squishy axe wielders (young, berserk) so my shieldmen’s defenses remain in tact. My 1 or 2 tar pit Nimble brother/s take on the axe wielding orc warriors
Undead – take an unflankable defensive position or hill to funnel the enemy numbers, eliminating their numbers advantage. Keep 1 or 2 guys with Rotation in the second line to swap out for those who get in trouble. Keep your Rally leader in the middle to maintain your brother’s fatigue. Ranged troops used to destroy skeleton guardian armor so that when those 2-hander’s reach your line they can be quickly disposed of and get only 1 attack off if not any at all. Lost Souls throw a big wrench in this plan though, I’m still trying to figure out a viable/consistent strategy for them.