Topic: How the hell do you kill goblins?

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    Avatar photoVolkan

    ‘Puny’ goblin party.

    Costs 4 of my guys to kill. Total losses are about 4k gold…puny my a** XD.

    Seriously though what’s the goblin strategy? I tried attacking at knight and sneaking my guys up to them. It worked, but then they kill me in melee with those magical knives that go through armour.

    And how useful really are shields? Once you’ve got half decent armour I mean.

    Avatar photoRusBear

    On this forum immediately after release the patch with the goblins was a hot topic on the discussion of these small creatures and battle tactics with them. I think you’ll find if you want.
    Briefly. my opinion.
    1. Do not fight the goblins in the early stages (you should get a normal shields and perk “shield expert” at least 3-4 in your guys first)
    2. In the latest patch realities, shields – obligatory up to the later stages of the game. I have 12 people – 7 is the Front Line with shields.
    Shield is a chance and very good to avoid damage. And none of the armor in the game today do not protect you from damage. All weapons more or less inflicts damage HP any armor you would put on.

    Avatar photoEldar

    Goblins are a fun bunch. Until I understood the tactics they utilize my warbands where stuck down like pin cushions and scattered in the wind.

    The thing with goblin are that they are infact puny in the defensive department. As soon as you understand that the normal tactics won’t work you’re getting somwhere.

    RusBear wrote down some of the tactics, I will expand on the list.

    First of all – Be prepared. If your lads gonna rock the shield, use kite shields. Fatigue plays a big part in huntig them down. So try not have the heavist armour. Also use dogs to hunt down marksmen.

    My own favourite tactic is to turn their own tactic agains them. Light infantry and nets, but the most effective thing against imho is crossbows. Crossbows are a bloody godssend against them. Three crossbowmen and a tacky frontline can decimate goblins in a mere turn.

    Avatar photoBinkus

    my current party of 10 halberdiers and 2 x missile troops carve them a new one (well armoured experienced team)

    shields are not the be all and end all

    their front line troops are pretty static they will hardly ever move out of formation, use this to your advantage

    rush the archers and stand there and pick off their front line (the pike armed gobbos would be my first target)

    i am finding this team is far more effective than my last shield carryign guys as i can carve up a gobbo in a single swipe from most of my guys, they are incredibly fragile when you start swinging big weapons at them, while all my guys are beserkers it means i can clear the line in almost one charge

    their archers are a massive pain whatever you have

    Avatar photoAnonymous

    There are many things you can do too thwart goblin advantages.

    crossbows – the +20% to hit and increased damage wrecks goblins. The best guys to aim for are the pike wielding skirmishers and guys with nets
    night – darkness gives your guys +20% to +50% ranged defense depending upon their normal ranged defense
    bushes – use them to creep closer to the enemy without being shot
    flanking – send 4-8 guys around whiling remaining out of sight so that you can charge the enemy from every direction and cut off escape.
    dogs – cheap, unarmored released en-mass (4-6) on the flanks will always go for their archers and give your troops a safe charge
    arrow sponge – have a guy sit by himself, 3 spaces away from their front line, with a kite shield, in shield wall. The goblins will waste their bollos and archers usually don’t hit either.

    as for the value of shields with heavy armor, armor helps with getting hit but it’s always simply better to not get hit. I’ll give you one of my favorite movie quotes.
    “Got any advice” (as they head toward the fight)
    “Yeah! …don’t get shot”
    And as you pointed out, the goblins use their daggers’ “Puncture” ability to bypass armor

    Avatar photoEldar

    Now this is’nt really linked to OPs question but more to us who answered. Do you specialize your BBs to fight against a typical kind of enemy? For example my ant-goblin squad gets rekt by undead. And my heavy saxon shieldwall guys have major problems with goblins sometimes.

    Mod: Feel free to remove if it’s too OT.

    Avatar photoAnonymous

    I for one don’t specialize my team into doing one thing. But my individual battle brothers are specialized and specific brothers take point against specific enemies.

    this is a good tactics and troop composition thread, taught me a few things

    [suggestion] Clearly unbalanced enemies

    Raiders – Use my ranged brothers to kill their high damage troops. Crossbowmen, 2-Handers, warhammers
    Goblins – Tactics I outlined. Also, high ranged defense brothers stand in the front and others stand behind them to increase their pitiful ranged defense substantially.
    Orcs – Ranged brothers take out squishy axe wielders (young, berserk) so my shieldmen’s defenses remain in tact. My 1 or 2 tar pit Nimble brother/s take on the axe wielding orc warriors
    Undead – take an unflankable defensive position or hill to funnel the enemy numbers, eliminating their numbers advantage. Keep 1 or 2 guys with Rotation in the second line to swap out for those who get in trouble. Keep your Rally leader in the middle to maintain your brother’s fatigue. Ranged troops used to destroy skeleton guardian armor so that when those 2-hander’s reach your line they can be quickly disposed of and get only 1 attack off if not any at all. Lost Souls throw a big wrench in this plan though, I’m still trying to figure out a viable/consistent strategy for them.

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