Reply To: World Map Update( 29/02/2016).Discussion

Avatar photobaranguc

I love battle brothers game is unique and fun! i am suggesting this game my friends to buy and spoort you.

New patch is cool but it comes with some bugs naturally.

I would like to tell some annoying bugs;

1) Reputation degrading quickly and i think it is one of the important future. Maybe it unlocks new and difficult contracts? and we are missing discount :)

2) Patrol quest takes too much time and sometimes my company spending more gold then quest reward. Keeping noble houses cities close to each other will help a lot.

3) Goblins still annoying and hard to deal with. I know its what intended still i am avoiding them it feel like i am missing some content. I like the way they are makes them different. Maybe reducing their difficulity a bit might help.

Other then that i am enjoying patch and at normal difficulity i didnt encounter any hard battle. Thanks a lot!