Reply To: Super Awesome Ninja Goblin Fun Time!

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Since it seems goblins are the number one enemies, let me give you some suggestions on how to deal with it, maybe you find anything usefull. These are the main directions I can think of from the top of my head. Don’t forget you can combine them.
-As already said, attack them on nights. All their range trickery will be strongly surpressed. Also you need no archers at night.
-Use dogs and nets just like they do. Dogs will hold them off, bind them, attackt their attention while you men can safely shorten the distance. Nets will hold them in place and not letting em to make space.
-Kite shields for the first row will make it a lot harder for the gobos to hit your men. Just go in a pyramid formation widest toward the enemy with shields.
-Use few assault guys. Light on the foot, easy to move dudes who can swiftly flank the enemy and make the archers move instead of shoting while your men slowly approach with shieldwalls.
-You can always make a sacraficial tank who will go a bit away from the main force and getting shot by the archers.
-Advance with the shieldwall ability up, slowly but surely.
-Rotate your guys who got poisoned or damaged all the time, spread the damage between the whole party instead of going head on.
-Separate in groups and flank, this will make their archers not to focus targets and move.
-Use the bushes, your men are invisible there. Whyle the bait moves back forcing their archers to pull in, the ambushers will eventually be in range to shorten the distance.
-Don’t fight a fight you not sure about.

I had 6 brothers vs 13 Gobbo’s. I tried. I cried. I raged. I tried harder. Then I beat them.

Learn & adapt, it takes effort and patience, but you’ll get there.

Golden words, and you should try to max out your party as soon as possible. 1 more man is better than one weapon of armor earlygame.