Reply To: Combat feedback (angry and annoyed)

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RNG is simply variety. If implemented good then it serves the player. The current stat system is a prime example in BB, earlier it was purely rng and you had no controll whatsoever. Now it is still rng but you have a choise, you still can chose the bad stat or instead go for something else. You know, just +4to atk or def on one guy on a lvl up will not make you win or lose the game. So far the current system compared to the blind rng is non frustrating to me in any way. Because I have a fking choise even with the rng in place.

You say the rng in battle is bad, please… Go play a bit xcom2 the new one, that rng is hell. Constant misses with 97% come on.

You say give miss dmg, how the hell is that fair? So my heavy tanks in full armor will now be killed by ghouls? How is that fair in your mind? Nimble fighter ruling the field? Who are you fighting against, zombies and robbers? There is no way you can rambo in endlessly with one nimble guy. A year back when we had a lot of discussions about the perks someone made ONE guy army with the nimble. The moment he was surround he died, there is not enought fati for that or rngeesus. If you keep your nimble in tandem with other troops then how is he op? I mean he’s not alone fulfilling a role in your party… So the nimble argument is just false. Unless by ruling you meant something else than going in separated from the pack and just destroying all. My archers rule the battlefield, so do the 2h swordsman, or the tanky pikemen, the xbowmen or anyone else who is in my party. Alone none of them has a chance not even a nimble.

The bell curve. So I suppose you have recorded several of your matches having a statistic for every men in every match. Where you can see that the more RNG hits he does the less RNG it becomes? This is not a wildfire, it is rng. In the big picture it does not matter if you do 4 hits in one or two turns. The result will be RNG. The curve you are speaking about is the random number calculator I suppose that shits out numbers and the more there are the more middle the overall result will be. Now this is a tactical game where the randomly generated number IS dependant on many modifiers. And you as a player can manipulate those, equiping higher tohit weapons, highgrounds, surrounding enemy, etc.. If you have to do more hits with the same modifiers then the RNG will be just simply more RNG without any curves.

The shield thing. If you do that then you will make the big shield heavy armor dudes the OP ones who can go in with secoundary shields and be just terminators. But again, if they are alone that will not help, if they are in party then it does not matter, it yould only make the early game harder and bearing a shield a must have at least at the very beginning of the start, discouraging the trying other things and making it frustratingly hard to fight enemies early on.

If the RNG can be controlled, if the player has a choise a valid one then the rng is the friend. And at this moment i’m positive BB is there in most parts. Both stats and the meat of the game the tactical combat.
Did not play enought and there aren’t imo that many events there to form a conclusion. The enemy camps n groups feel a bit off from time to time with the composition and amount of members to your current status and days played progression. The town shops rng stuff is more or less okeish with few exceptions when they have pure usless trash, and no hunter bows or xbows for sale anywhere…

*hint* There are at least two well known pure logic no rng games, chess and GO.