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Meeky, I took your post as an example for the rng reduction since it seemed to summarize the overall feel for reducing the rng even more and more people did agree to that.

The things you mentioned will not reduce rng in any form. You are forgeting that the average of a dice is not the same as the average of same variety program algorithms never was and never will be. Nor will you have enought time enought rolls to get that average in a BB fight(each statistics is based on X number of tries, the more you roll the more correct the average will be). There will be not enought hits done by one person. While you statement is theoreticaly correct it does not apply practicaly to a BB fight. And as I already mentioned you as a player have opportunity to modify the rolls in variety of ways. You seemed to skip that part.

If you use more nimbles with the other brother how is that breaking the game? It is your tactiacal choise to go with nimble tanks instead of full armored ones. Others go with full xbow and 2handed. I prefer to have a mix of everything. They are tough when in formation with others yes.

Shields.It does not matter how much of dmg reduction we speak, if it is insignificant then there is no need for it at all, if it is a valid one then it will throw the balance making the strong even stronger. Since I prefer to use the nimble as an assault unit and the tanks being actual heavy armored pikemen and I did try nimble teams and full shieldwall partie, personally I do not see the OPnes of a nimble tanks over my current setup of 2-3 heavy ones. The only difference is that my dudes now do not stop being useful, do not lose strenght after being hit.

As I said took your post as a summary of the previous anti rng dudes since it seemed to do it good. The hint was mostly for Rusbear who wants to make BB into chess or GO.

Miaphysites Your “sarcastic” comment is childish and simply stupid, sorry.