Reply To: Sky's bug heaven.

Avatar photoSky

Enemy AI. In this situation the enemy should have retreat immidiately, but instead they rushed our forces like the wiedergangers do. While I can understand it with the undead or even borderline beasts, a somewhat intelligent enemy as orcs surely should be able to understand the futility of their attack. It would make much sense if the supposedly more intelligent opponents would flee from such battles not only on worldmap but on the tactical aswell.

Next is the battle AI of the faction patrolls. As seen in the screen the orc advanced “around” the wall running after the xbowmen. But not one of the other soldiers even tried to cut him off. If not the lucky shot he could have killed the bowmen on top. The shoting soldiers first advanced then retreated, that is ok, but for the entire fight all the others just standing in a wall and using up fortificational skills even being six time the enemy number and having enemies following their bowman. At the same time on the bottom the yellow one is throwing away without being contested till he’s out of spears. The patrolmen started to move only after only two enemies were left in the fourth turn, maybe due to me going into attack.

There is a fast click issue still when you click to shot the second arrow before the first reaches target but still kills it, the second arrow goes into the alredy dead body.