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    I) Quest to a non seen city
    Delivery to a city that is not shown on the worldmap. It is to the right of Wikstadt and is a small town, shouldn’t it be shown on the map? (after starting several maps seems like a design decision there are always “hidden” settlements. But then perhaps it should not give quests to settlements with unknown whereabouts.)
    II) Noble houses owned settlements
    As seen on the ss the red circle ones and the blue ones have a city far away from their cluster. It makes no sense and questwise it is very annoying. Especially the patrol quest.

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    1) New game crash
    Starting a new game caused a critical error.

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    I would check the port options on the first problem. If it’s east then it has to be on an island.

    And I second the second point. Only because I agree with the patrol quest problem


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    a) The very first quest difficulty
    Started a new game, after finishing the tutorial quest went to look for contracts. The only one aviable in that region was a 3 skull werewolf one. So 7 werewolves against 8 low equip lvl 1 dudes. Imo this kind of situation should not appear where the player has simply no options from the very start. Either take on a suicidal mission and hope for a wonder or lose everyone while you try to get to next quest location without money.

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    Changed it so that 3-skull-contracts start to appear only after a few days have passed. Thanks a lot for reporting all these issues, btw :)

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    Happy to help :)
    It seems the problem is not only with the quest difficulty skulls amount but with the difficulty of the enemy itself. After starting an other new game but this time not going thru the full tutorial the regions only quest was the same werewolves, a 2skull one this time. But since did not follow thru with the tutorial have less men and equipment than the other time. Result still the same.
    Potential issue can be with the caravan quest. When it is taken it does not account for the roaming armies that it can encounter. While in a caravan mission we ran into a raider group. At day 3 it is not realy what you wish for. The group came to the road and massacred a caravan before ours then attacked us. We did win with half of men remaining, still we could have run into stronger enemy potentially, that would give no chance. The caravan hands were in even worse equip than my guys wearing 20-30 armor knifes and clubs. So on day 3 my four remaining men changed their 40-50 armors to 100+ ones.

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    Found a human faction patroll running after orc hunters so I followed them. They went quite far from home town since the orcs were faster and trying to get somewhere near the initial town. So they kept dragging the human patrol further and further away. Perhaps there should be a minimal range where they start following and a maximal after that they simply start returning home and not follow up with the enemies till they reach the minimal zone again.


    There also seems to be a problem around the patrol quest. It is either towns far away from each other (and do not have a good road connection) or simply no roads between the cities. While there is a time limit and within you can possibly go around following the roads, it is way easier just to cut thru the terrain and instead of fighting and long journey just get the few hundred for simple legwork. The blue arrows show the supposed way while the purplish the fast one with no enemies that can be done in 1 day so you have a pure profit for nothing. Maybe there should be a minimal headcount too they don’t send you on patrol when everything is fine. And the last screen is about a quest with 3 towns so far away and such low reward that it was simply not worth it. Not sure about the time given either. And these road – town placement is a big issue with the current map generation imo. There are no roads where should be and the factions have instead of clustered settlements highly spread out ones making their patrol quests irelevant.

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    Enemy AI. In this situation the enemy should have retreat immidiately, but instead they rushed our forces like the wiedergangers do. While I can understand it with the undead or even borderline beasts, a somewhat intelligent enemy as orcs surely should be able to understand the futility of their attack. It would make much sense if the supposedly more intelligent opponents would flee from such battles not only on worldmap but on the tactical aswell.

    Next is the battle AI of the faction patrolls. As seen in the screen the orc advanced “around” the wall running after the xbowmen. But not one of the other soldiers even tried to cut him off. If not the lucky shot he could have killed the bowmen on top. The shoting soldiers first advanced then retreated, that is ok, but for the entire fight all the others just standing in a wall and using up fortificational skills even being six time the enemy number and having enemies following their bowman. At the same time on the bottom the yellow one is throwing away without being contested till he’s out of spears. The patrolmen started to move only after only two enemies were left in the fourth turn, maybe due to me going into attack.

    There is a fast click issue still when you click to shot the second arrow before the first reaches target but still kills it, the second arrow goes into the alredy dead body.

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    The next one is about the tactical AI aswell. This is a caravan mission battle. Strangely enought we passed two groups of enemies both 6 strenght standing right next to the road, just to be then attacked by the spawn troops on a town hex. In the battle we are losing and at some point one of the men broke and started to flee. At the same time the bandit whos kill triggered the morale check became brave. But just as my broken one this brave one started to retreat too. While having more than enought hp, and hightened morale state. The arrow points toward my man offscreen right the opposite direction from where the raider is running to. After that the blue circle killed off my other man and for some reason started to retreat aswell leaving two basically dead brothers as winners of the fight. It is right the opposite to the no fear orcs charging a six times stronger enemy, the at least four times stronger enemy retreated for no reason at all in a winning battle. My offscreen unit has 4hp left and no armor whatsoever.
    Now the AI simply “cheats”. As seen in the screen shot there is a highlighted enemy archer who shot one of my men who was in bushes. They supposed to be invisible if no enemy unit is right next to them. And there is none. There was at the beginning of the turn but was killed. The moment the enemy died this unit should have become invisible again as it happens with the enemy units, instead for some reason it is still visible for the AI. This happens only if the consealed unit attacked before the enemy. When moving to the bush or between them the AI seems not to react at all.

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