Reply To: A critical exception was raised at hardware level

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Everyone, please note that the error message of “A critical exception was raised at hardware level” can pop up due to all kinds of reasons and does not refer to any specific cause. Getting this error message doesn’t necessarily mean that you encountered the same issue that someone else encountered. In order for us to identify what is the problem in your case, and hopefully be able to help you, it’s therefore important that you attach a zipped logfile here with the game’s logfile. You can read up on where to find it here. We’re going to adjust the error message for clarity in the future.

I was able to get back on by repeatedly verifying the catch in steam properties but have just received this new warning coming up.

Does this happen with every savegame for you?
Can you still start a new campaign?
Do you make use of Steam Cloud? Have you tried starting a new campaign and loading it without making use of Steam Cloud?
Can you mail us the savegame in question to You’ll find it right where the logfile is. Thanks!

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