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PsenBattle Wrote:

Unfortunately that will take a little more effort, we have to tackle one thing after the other. Its not off the table though.

That’s nice to hear. Bears and boars (dire types?), just to mention the “mundane” beasties, come to mind as being nice mutli-hex candidates.

PsenBattle Continues:

I thought exactly the same while painting the wood chopping block ? We would have to decide how it works though, as its not very spectatuclar if we just spawn a bag of loot next to it where you can find an axe….

The Goblin Longaxe never got into the game, as we do not think theres a clear place for it in the goblin equipment set.

We have this baby in our back hand. It’s almost done, but I cant tell you when it will be added to the game, as our focus lies elsewhere at the moment.

I don’t think you can have enough axes! 8-D It’s just sweet looking.

Totally beside the point, as Asterix_von_TWC mentioned earlier, I agree that the wood background in the combat queue is not a great choice. While it may be a hardcoded item, it would be easier on the eyes to have the combat queue either “parchment” or “white oak” color.

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