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It definitely is better now. ^^
Nice to see you showing your art on your own so much. :)

I wonder if the unique armors and their respective helmets will be sets and thus grant a set bonus (like in e.g. Diablo), when one merc wears both the armor and the helmet?(at least they look like they do belong together) For example some additional resolve, for wearing the matching helmet to the armor.

Where will one get those items? Honestly, I cannot imagine them being dropped by mere raiders, even if they are leaders. They look too good, seem to be in a too good condition to have been looted by raiders after a battle.
Especially the Heraldic Mail; would only fit a knight.

The shield with the wing nailed on, is close to being over the top. ;P
Was stuff like this for real; or is it artistic liberty again? ^^ I don’t think that shield would look like that for more than one battle. ^^

What about carvings on a wooden shield or a shield with a spike(assuming you don’t want to add shield spikes as accessoires), that makes your Shield Knock Back/Bash deal 50% more damage.
(What leads to another question: where do you want to go with the unique weapons(or would this be legendary ones)? Will they just deal a little more damage, cost less fatigue, etc. or will they have some special additions like dealing 1,5x damage, when used from height advantage or after moving on the same turn, thus allowing playstyles/builds that are only viable with that unique weapon/item (like in Diablo 3) ?)
Or some unique Orc Feral Shields with nailed on hands, ears or scalps; or Human/Orc/Goblin skin stretched over the shield’s surface? I reckon several faces sewn togehter would look quite intimidating(like in the fashion of the Orc Warrior armors, that consist of several Human armors).

Also will there be unique Lutes? ^^