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Avatar photoMeeky

First off: LOVING the art.

Secondly: LOVING the news.

That is all.

EDIT: Well, if I were to say anything else… On the topic of non-named weaponry: what are your thoughts on slings as a combination of “Poor man’s ranged weapon” and “Actually decent against undead ranged weapon”? A sling would be pretty piddly but could be used with round/heater shields, and a staff-sling as a later tier weapon might be fun against undead. Of course, I’m not expecting a resounding “YES!” because these are, well, not exactly typical of the High Middle Ages.

But on that note: might we see some more potent thrown weapons, too? Maybe even poisoned ones wielded by goblins, lootable by players?

I mean, goblins need more poison anyway, right? Why not give their melee guys some poison attacks via poisoned bolas or poisoned spears?

*Queue Benny Hill Theme + running away from angry forum-goers*