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I honestly like the look of the left hammer. It’s a bit ancient/dwarfen style or something in that direction. The hitting part has a certain “stone” vibe to it, so I leave it up for interpretation if thats stone or iron.

I agree on the general style of it. I love the rough, dwarven aesthetic. It just looks a little warped. Here:

In the image below, looked at the areas I’ve circled. The upper part is the more obvious, but it makes the hammer look as if there was a gap in the wood and the smith said “well, whatever” and slapped the head on anyway. The second circled area shows where one side of the metal is missing its little rivet sticking out the other has – and it doesn’t look chipped off or bent or anything. It just looks like it’s missing.

Otherwise, it’s generally pretty good. MAYBE the upper half of the shaft could be shifted slightly to the right? I LOVE the dwarven appearance, but those things I pointed out were really obvious when I was glancing at the weapons. They’d probably be less obvious in-game, but still noticeable.

(In case the image doesn’t appear, here’s a link to IMGUR: )

As an aside: I’m intrigued that we’re getting rare throwing weapons. I wonder if that’ll make ’em a little more viable, maybe even as a solid volley-before-the-clash weapon. The perk rework may affect that.

Either way, I like these axes.