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Dammed … i love NO 1 !!!

Are you plan add company banners to game?

We have been discussing this back and forth. It’s not on our to do at the moment, but also not completely off the table.

would be a realy nice feature… mostly because of your awesome artwork ;) .. but also for gameplay … use the HORN perk + tactical choose between a different active/aura buff (Resolve, Fatigue, etc.) maybe the buff get stronger with your reputation .
also you “disarm” one Brother.. so you will get some tactical depth.. i think.
and of course the hunt/search for the ultimate legandery banner… would be a reason to explore the map… or maybe your own tailor will build it for you in a event where your decisions form the buff.

And if you be honest… –> there can´t be a Mercenary Company without a own banner <–

My Company is called “The Banner of Hope” XD