Reply To: Ideas for a "Full Experience"

Avatar photoJago

For instance, will it be hard to make the screen, the screen where you manage your company, to have some little larger image of your current captain, which face, equipment, scars, perks and ranks present brothers company in current time. Even if it cosmetic it will give some personality to the company

Not sure what you mean. Do you want the busts of the brothers to be bigger in the equipment screen? Or do you want all brothers to have portraits, not busts?

Not sure if we mean the same thing, but I also recommended to the devs, that they enable selecting one of your brothers as the company “captain” and his picture in his current armour would then represent your company on the strategic map, as well as give him some leadership/morale bonus (and malus if he’s killed in combat, of course).

Yes, I remember reading something about this (don’t know where though). Currently only the AI-controlled militia has a “captain”, but it would a cool addition and it makes sense. Every band of mercenaries should have some kind of leader that gives your brothers a morale bonus in battle, while he is alive.