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Hi EdenGenesis.

Paul discussed this in March of last year.

If that link doesn’t work, here’s a direct quote:

We had a lot of internal discussion on that. We still think it would add a lot to the game, but as you all know we are working on a very tight schedule. Apart from graphical assets and audio recordings we have a problem with all the quest and event texts in the game. Most of them are randomly generated and refer to certain persons of your party. If we had female mercs we would have to go through all of the text (more than 200 000 words) and assure that everything works for male and female persons and provide different variations of the same text for each gender.
Thats a lot of work we cant spend right now unfortunately.

Additionally, to your point of “If these characters were not already created, I would understand why they wouldn’t add them but as these characters are already designed.”, to my knowledge all they’ve developed is a proof of concept face + hair for Battle Sisters. There are several (10-ish? Not sure the exact count) faces, hairs, and facial hairs for each of the male brothers. Additionally, the FAQ on this website (though it seems to be down now. . .?) mentions that female mercenaries would also have their own backgrounds.

Those things added together means that they’d have to do substantial asset development, as well as substantial writing (the work mentioned above, as well as background descriptions and events for those backgrounds) in order to reach feature parity. As such, I would disagree with the assertion that they’re “already designed”. :)

A couple other quick notes:
– The best place(s) for feature listings for the upcoming DLC, in my experience, are this devblog + the DLC announcement for added features, and the OverhypeStudios twitter account for abandoned features (primarily in their responses – there aren’t too many to glance through).
– If you’re interested, I think a couple different people have attempted an asset swap mod to use the existing Battle Sister Proof of Concept assets. Obviously it lacks all the development work mentioned above, but if all you care about is the visuals, you might look that up.