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I spent many hours in the new dlc and also specifically checked at many records of streams. and now I had a definite opinion on the morality checks in the new dlc.
This is especially noticeable and looks a bit strange on the example of my favorite (especially if you watch other people’s streams) orcs.
Many times I have regretfully seen situations when the killing of several youngs from a group of more than 10-12 orcs led to a panic of completely unharmed warriors and even a warlord.
let me suggest some changes

1. Berserkers can not get a reduction in morale in general, but they can also raise morale only by their own successful attacks and only for themselves( also maybe need some balance number of bersrkers in battle)
2. Warlord can not get the status of panic – otherwise he is not a warlord but a simple orc, he must be special. Just 1-2 brake morale, but not panic.