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VII) Multiple enemy armies

As the screen shows there are three or more armies in the same spot on the map, they are hunting my party and moving since the forest together. When the battle starts they all merge in one big group, but on the map like this there is no way to see how many are there realy. Not a bug, just lack of valuable feedback on the strategic map. They are from three different camps so their flags flicker rapidly while they move changing whos on the top all the time.
VIII) Disappearing sprite.
The caravan sprite disappearence hits the bandits. Getting closer to the city they spread out chaoticly, one of them went throught the other and its sprite disappeared. Just as in the caravan one, two same sprite hovering over each other makes one disappear.
IX) Guards?
An other not so much bug, but just look at this… This supposed to be the capital city guard. It is absolutely fine to have militia in the villages, but the main city sure should do better. Like the basic organized guard equipment, leather armor spears shortswords axes, you know the simple guard regulation stuff. It is not an army like castle one but it isn’t a militia either.
PS. About the free stuff you get just by following an npc army and maraudering. This battle was just looking to see how the npc fight between themselves, got no exp but the loot was still there. And this is a low battle with weak participans BB_FreeLoot.jpg
PSS It would be nice if not to remap the keys to at least see somewhere what keys do what, just found that the ctrl key flips the battleground upside down. It is quite useful to be able to change the wiev angle and would been good to know far sooner.
X) No turnover
While patrolling around found an undead “fort”. It was day so jumped right in. First was my archer, then the ghouls had their turn. But seems like the very first one was too upset about not moving first so he never ended his turn.
BB_StuckTurn files.
PS. After the last update the only battle that properly finished for me was the one where I was watching the militia fight.