Reply To: How to Report Bugs

Avatar photoPhilThePizzaGuy

1. Describe the bug and how it happened: What did you do before and while it appeared?
I have talked about this bug earlier but my visual bug has reappeared. Large pixels of random colors are replacing pieces of land/objects during battles. The bug only seems to appear once I reach late game scenarios. I have deleted all of the files (from steam/common) and have reinstalled the game but that hasn’t helped. I quit the game once because of this but I’d really like to make it work.

2. Is it reproducable? Can you intentionally make it appear?
It just randomly appears around day 160-200.

3. Attach a screenshot if possible.
Last Goblin battle.

I have already tried to delete all of the files and redownload the game. When I started up the game again, I see my old save files. I know about the steamapp/common folder but where else can I look to remove everything?