Reply To: Crafting Mod v1.0

Avatar photolaViper

Finally another part of mod has finished. During this work I tried to make a focus on taking new experience from origins and increasing influence from buildings in towns.

For some origins there is no difference in mid or late game, you just hire new brothers and use same equipment and tactic as before. So I tried to give battle feature for three origin – Poachers, Raiders and Deserters. These three origins gain their race ability:
1)Poachers gain ability to reply attack if they wear light equipment (like Nimble rule), only 4AP or less attack can be replied into last target.
So Poachers can lay a dozen arrows on their enemies or can use hight fatigue attack for reply like stun.
Poacher skill
2)Deserters gain extra melee or ranged skill if adjusted brother stay with same kind of weapon. Lines of spears can better stand against waves of enemies. On the other hand your men’s mood increases slowly and drops faster.
3)Raiders gain ability for revenge attack if they get hit on HP, but your men lose ability to Wait – go forward and no step back!

And however Beast Hunters already have their own battle style based on my new recipes they also gain unique recipes as “race ability”. New item Soaked Meat carring in bag gives unleashed dog some bonus.
Dog meat

Buy and repair system
I have this idea from the first day in Battle Brother, It’s a bit strange that you can restore totally destroyed item even Named or Legendary. A grind-kind balance of prices makes bandits a very valueable target, all my previous games I got all new tier gear from them cause it’s much cheaper than buy in town.
So my new system changes prices in armor/Weaponsmiths and fletchers from 125% to 85% and now all gear lose their max conditions after repair – 1 max point on each 20 repaired points. And getting gear as loot also have a few max points lost.
Repairing items by smiths doesn’t break it and to prevent losing Named and Legendary item, it no longer has auto-repairing if equiped. You can fix such items on stash or bring to smith.

1)Your items for sale now show % of basic cost in market.
2)Talented perks now have special frame.
3)A few events around food that increase or decrease mood.
4)Paints now have another rule to be added into marketplace – having barbershop instead of being big town.
5)Hexes get 1 extra turn cooldown for Hex ability but gain new skill – Curse Of Weakness which reduces melee/ranged skill and dealing damage, and can be casted twice a turn after charmed.