Reply To: No challenge?

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Did you play the scenarios? My advice is to do all of those before jumping into the game, so you’ve got a solid grip on combat and how some of the enemies work.

We’re not actually talking about making the early game harder. The early game is fine for the most part, with the things that are missing being in the pipelines. We’re talking about the late game. The actual end game hasn’t been implemented yet, so instead what I’m referring to is to when the player has build up a full group of mostly high level mercs who are all well-equipped and is taking on the strongest hideouts.

The strength of werewolves is that they are fast, hit multiple times and hit hard. Their defence, however, is relatively weak. This makes them an excellent target for spears, as they will continuously run into your spearwall and slowly kill themselves. This works even better if you can position your spearwall on a hill – a single merc can hold off an entire pack of werewolves this way. If you try to take them head on at low level you’ll lose many troops, but that’s the point. Shields, bows, spears, swords (for riposte) and the billhook can all easily be acquired early on and will make werewolves quite manageable. Since you are playing on easy, you can also afford good armour to increases your chances further. The only thing that difficulty level changes is the amount of gold you start with, but this makes for a huge difference, since you can buy lots of recruits and get good gear. Good gear and high levels make a huge difference, so focus on fighting bandits before taking on Orcs and Werewolves.