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Hi Paul,

I recently contacted Vendelhelm regarding the drawings of 16th century plate helmets. I would like to develop my art style in the likes of yours, and with all the various resources that you have posted on this blog, I was wondering if there are any additional resources that you have.

I would like to know if you’re willing to post some additional helmets and armour, maybe even weapons that you haven’t posted yet, as I am trying to develop my own art style. I would love to use them as references if you’re willing!

Its really difficult using the downsized 70 x 140 pixel png files from the actual game in order to use as a reference.

Art has to be the biggest medium between game and player, and you have outdone yourself. Hence why Battle Brothers is my favourite game of all time.

Thank you so much Paul.

Here's a photo of my first attempt at a sickle. I have never done digital art before, nor have I ever used a drawing tablet before, so there were many firsts with this.

Here's another edit of the same sickle after some critiques on its actual functionality as a sickle.