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Hi Paul,

Please ignore my first post, you really don’t want to see what those images looked like.

I would like to know instead of your process for outlining and mitigating detail loss when scaling your assets down. For me, the biggest issue is that when using your weapons from the digital artbook as references, I find that I cannot replicate it as well as the original and give up. I start adding too much detail, and I fade the lights and darks a little too much, which results in the final product being blurry when looked at through the battle map’s icons.

Another issue I’m having is that it seems that I need to make two versions of the same weapon: one for the battle map, and one for the inventory. Because right now, my method of mitigating detail loss when scaling my weapons down is to just go back to the original, and thicken a lot of the lines, but doing so makes the closeup for the inventory screen horrendous. How do you manage to keep detail when scaling down and keep it pretty for the inventory screen?

Another issue I’m finding is that I have no clue how you make your weapons have a nice, crisp, unblurry outline when in the battle map? I’ve tried placing a stroke layer filter around the entirety of my weapon by about 1-2px, but even then its too uniformly thick. I’ve tried placing an outer glow layer filter on it with a low spread and size to act as an outline rather than a shadow (also because I’ve noticed that there’s a very slight glow to the two-handed axe assets when in battle), but that’s also too blurry.

I am losing my mind because I have spent hours upon hours just trying to figure out how to fix these two issues. Mind you, I’ve only started drawing these weapons about 6 days ago, so I still have a long long way to go, but I would love to know how you do both these things so that I can avoid wasting a lot of my time in the future.

If you have a video of you making a weapon, literally any weapon or armour, that would be more valuable than my weight in gold right now.

I really do appreciate your quick response to my first reply and would like to thank you for all your hard work.

Here I have attached what I feel proud enough to show. I really hope it shows up this time, I clicked the “IMG” icon on the top last time. I hope the “Upload Attachments” button works with actually posting a photo.

Here is a photo of my weapons that I feel proud enough to show. I won't know if the image will load until after this post has been approved.

If both the IMG button fails and the Upload Attachments button fails, the image I am trying to show you can be found here: