Reply To: Offense Skill Tree Discussion

Avatar photoSky

Executioner is great for dagger user.

Unfortunately at this moment the small blades are the only ones benefiting from it, and still it is much easier and worth while to just skip it. Simply take “Debilitate” and you get almost the same and independent of armor or hp rate, tried this skill many times, for me it is obviously op and worth a lot more than “Executioner”. At this point. As soon as there are more hp full enemies like ogres or mini boss like events (like the goblin king with 2-3 minions) then everything might change and this skill could be extremely useful.

Crusher – I find this skill useful to have, because if you happen to come across Orcs wielding shields you want to get rid of them and having a two-handed axe with a Crusher on top is the best way to do so. That or using the flail.

Executioner – It’s good for weapons like spears, swords and bows that aren’t killing enemies with two strikes.

Well it still triggers at 50% or below enemy hp. At that point it is a 1 shot for spears and archers. You won’t be able to kill an enemy from full hp with 2 hits having this skill, or rather this skill will not help with that most of the time.

The “Crusher” is a fine skill do strongly agree, but it my playthrough after a certain moment had no more use for it, doing just the simple strikes became the ultimate skill with everyone. I’d be happy to see the need for using many skills a lot longer than it is right now, a more dragged out progressing in the game, slower lvling, less gold and loot. That is what would make my day, but not sure if it is the right call tho.

Just keep it mind this is a discussion of the skills “at this moment” with the implementation that are in the game now. It is not fully representetive still gives some guide lines. And that is the point at least as I see it, to give guiding feedback to the devs so they can make their decisions having feedback according to the current build. When things change so will the opinions about the skills, their usefulness their practicality.