Reply To: Sky's bug heaven.

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A) Attacking Friendly Army
When I aproached a watchtower, there was a fight going on between a werewolf group and the watchmen. Jumped in, we won. Right after the fight pressed LMB to get into the watchtower, instead the combat window appeared. After engaging, the combat ends instantly. CombatEnd ss. No loot no exp nothing. Could not attack them again afterwards.
B) Ghoul Stuck in Battle
Inside the battle, turn stuck on a ghoul who appearently can not reach it’s destination.
C) Flying Ghoul
The ghoul just calmly floated from the black region onto a corpse to consume it. Through half of the map.
Now for some reason after I reloaded the autosave after the stuck ghoul bug, the log file did not reset and still growing. So here comes the last entry of the log file regarding the ghoul floating in a ss format.