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I’ve been looking a bit closer at some of the details on the enemies. I’m liking how there’s little touches present in the art that make units feel more distinctive and more real. Like eyes rolled back at death, or how the armour of the Orcs seems to come apart at the seams when damaged, reflecting the lore idea of Orcs being shoddy craftsmen. It really gives some grounding to the fighting that’s taking place, without shoving it in the players face with extreme zoom on death.

Haha, had to go with the big shoulders in this one special case. It wont happen again I promise :)

That’s a relief. I think you’ve struck a good balance so far between giving the Orcs a hulking physique plus ditto armour, without resorting to them becoming outright cartoonish. Same for other units. It’s a bit of European elegance that I often miss in games from American developers. :P