Reply To: My opinion about this game

Avatar photoSky

Realism should never come in the way of gameplay. As long as the flow of the game is good, not getting tedious with unnecessary burdens there is no problem. I can understand that you like as close to reality medival combat as possible, long tiring battles etc, but I sure don’t. The current lenght of battles witht this system is fine, the armor scaling does it’s job with the current settings with aviability, cost, compared durability, etc.

Yes I’d definetely would check your mod for the armor, but highly doubt that I would do more than few battles.

That archer clip while looks good, is a non usual stunt at this time of age. And realy shouldn’t be a guidline to medieval army regulated archery.

I won’t say some balancing shouldn’t happen, but that’s different from re-doing the whole system, like you propose to do.

Exaclty. While there could be done tweaks to have more difference between armors, a full re-do should not be happening.