Reply To: Suggestions (After 100+ Hours)

Avatar photoSky

Ok, let me try different words. The aging in games are scaled compared to real life to fit in the game world they are in, in this gameword you have hours and days as the standart time units. Now for aging, since this is a lowfi world, you should have more or less realistic time system so it would take a merc to age a year abour 365 days. Anf if you scale it even more, that would not fit in and would not make any sense at all, it would still take more time than he probably survives. Unless you are a save scum ratling that is.

Besides the devs already said there will be no aging since there is no point to it. You will have dynamicly acquired unit traits like injuries and event results that will completely compensate for not having the negative trait gain by the ageing that would still take 365 days to get a full year…