Reply To: Larger more epic map please

Avatar photoSky

Sorry, but I’m having trouble understanding what you’re saying. If I’m correct, you want to see more varied art assets for the weapons? Like different weapon-handles and such? Something like that might get in, since it’s much less work than making a new weapon and they could re-use some assets left over from the weapon quality plan.

It’s like with the tower shield and the skeletal one. Same thing different skin. That is a fine touch.

I would be happy to see more variety of/and unique weapons rather than a flood of slightly different ones that you mostly won’t even use. I just can’t see the reason to put in 10 types of pikes in when they all will be the same.

Do not forget that even now with this much weapon variety there are instances in mid late game when your inventory is full of “junk”. Ofc they are simply obsolete weapons that you no longer use, but it will be a constant problem if the game would be filled with filler weapons. Like M&B, 90% of the time your inventory is just a big pile of… Why would you want it here?