Reply To: Real Value of Ranged Brothers

Avatar photoHoly.Death

Its usually more rewarding to talk about the game balance if “you” think yourself commander for both sides. What if I do this, what are choices for the other army? And not, if I do this. AI will always do that.


For example. The first battle. Other side has 4 poorly skilled melee guys and one archer. And other side has one swordmaster with heater shield, sword and leather armor. Which side is going to win the battle? Which ever side player is playing on. With swordmaster you can take high ground and just wait,use shieldwall and riposte to kill melee guys (as they will engage you) while AIs archer is badly positioned. If player is on other side just take high ground again and its easy win again.

I am not so sure. There is random element – especially early on – that can make battle go various ways, outside other “certain” variables.

If anything I’d like to see the AI try to shatter shields when they have numerical superiority. Because as of right now they tend to avoid shield splitting past a round shield type (unless they are Orcs, but even then it’s a very rare occurence). This should make scenarios like a lone warrior surrounded by half a dozen of zombies with axes more dramatic as shield will break and he’ll be overwhelmed at some point.