Reply To: Real Value of Ranged Brothers


Do you gaiz think this bush is tall enough to block the sight completely, when your height is +1?

Only when enemy is directly behind the bush.

Yes I definitely saw you mentioned that. But there might be certain perks which allow you to have more stamina. (so I didn’t say anything about that) Wouldn’t a crossbow be a better alternative to complement a melee brother’s capability, as it’s more deadly in most situations? Unless your focus is in raising the shield.

If you have to invest a lot of stamina to be able to throw and then fight in melee, then it shows how big investment it is for a weapon that isn’t ultimately great on its own. It’s useful, but such an investment for a side arm? The only redeeming side of such building up of your brother might be the fact that reducing stamina cost of armor will help your stamina overall and complements the javelin usage by itself…

Shield makes it safer to be at the front lines, even more so if you improve defense generated by the shield and improve your personal defense stat. Orcs are the most relevant enemies here. Being caught without your shield (and potentially getting stunned be the charge, to make matters worse) can get ugly really fast. Other than that? It can be easily questioned. I feel javelins need some tweaking, but I guess I will have to try and get 5-6 battle brothers (not all, because I want some other specialists on my team) to use javelins and see how it goes.