Reply To: Real Value of Ranged Brothers

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>> What about skeleton crossbowmen?
I’ve been wondering why no ranged enemy has crossbow. Maybe because it would be too deadly due to its high accuracy and armor damage? Also, due to high AP cost for reloading crossbow, it is harder for ranged enemy to “hit and run”. When you approach enemy archer as you advance to engage melee enemy, the enemy archer will usually fall back several steps so you can’t catch him.

>> So far only skeleton archers can be trouble if they are well protected (although crossbows deal nice damage to them)

Are you sure crossbow can deal nice damage to skeleton archer? (⊙_☉) Why does my memory say different things? If I recall correctly, the last time I fired a projectile against skeleton, I was stunned for 3 seconds then trying to measure enemy’s missing hp with ruler. Then I stopped and let out of sigh. “Let it go~~~ Let it go~~~~~”   ヾ( ๑´д`๑)ツ

>> I think the most advantageous is taking defensive position and letting – or forcing – enemy to come to you. Because archers.

>> As I told you already the problem with archers is with AI. They are always on attacking side even if they have more archers than you and they are sitting on treasure you want to take.

Yes the core subject is about waiting for enemies on high ground.


What’s the most important thing in waiting? High player intelligence? High artificial intelligence? Or…… infinite artificial patience?

If AI archers can actually wait, our ranged brothers can never wait for enemy because they will never come.

While this can be less fun to some players, it also greatly weakens the ability of our ranged brothers, though they can go offensive against enemy archer on high ground.

Also, did you realize enemy archers have infinite ammo? (if I remember correctly)

>> Im repeating myself but I think you missed my point.
Lol, same here. I felt like I’ve typed the same sentence 3 times but somehow you managed to miss it within wall of text. But no big deal though.